Having a fun-packed and relaxing family vacation doesn’t require an expensive flight or an arduous drive. When planning a vacation, many families organize elaborate and costly trips that ultimately become little more than stressful logistical nightmares. That is why there has been an increasing trend toward a back-to-basics approach to vacations. There are few more cost-effective and enjoyable vacation destinations than a local lake. Here are just a few reasons why.

The Pleasure of the Water

Arguably, the primary draw to spending time on a lake is the opportunity to go boating. Whether you prefer the white-knuckle thrills of wakeboarding or you’d rather lazily cruise on a pontoon boat, there is plenty of fun to be had on the water. The best part is that most lakes have convenient and affordable boat rental options so there’s no need for you to endure the stress and expense of owning your own.

Of course, caution should be taken to make sure your fun is also safe. Familiarizing yourself with boating laws will help you avoid the common factors of boating accidents. However, with just a little research and a few modest precautions, you’ll be ready to hit the water.

The Scenery

Another advantage of a lake vacation is the beautiful scenery. Our landscape is dotted with myriad lakes, each of which has its own unique beauty and charm. Staring out at the peaceful water with your morning cup of coffee or watching a magnificent sunset with a cool drink will allow you to let the stress melt away. Rather than planning a vacation that just adds to the hustle and bustle of your life, wouldn’t it be nice to simply relax by the water and gaze peacefully out across it?

The Value

A lake vacation can help you build memories for a lifetime without building debt for eternity. Whether you focus on the cost of lodging, transportation, food or entertainment, there are few more cost-effective vacation options than visiting a lake. Often, the more affordable a vacation is, the more enjoyable it becomes. The simple delights of a trip to the lake can give you some of the most pleasurable and memorable experiences.

Vacations don’t need to be complicated. At the end of the day, an ideal vacation requires little more than the ones you love and a fun place to be with them. Regardless of your present location, there is a lake vacation awaiting you close by.