Moscow, Russia, Night Image of Moscow
Moscow, Russia, Night Image of Moscow

All To Know About RUSSIA


Russia, the world’s biggest country, outskirts European and Asian nations just as the Pacific and Arctic seas. Its scene ranges from tundra and timberlands to subtropical shorelines. It’s renowned for Moscow’s Bolshoi and St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky expressive dance organizations. St. Petersburg, established by Russian pioneer Peter the Great, has the elaborate Winter Palace, presently lodging piece of the State Hermitage Museum’s specialty gathering.

As the world’s biggest nation, Russia involves one-tenth of Earth’s land mass. It traverses 11 time zones crosswise over two mainlands (Europe and Asia) and has shores on three seas (the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Arctic Ocean).

The Russian scene changes from huge deserts to the solidified coastline, tall mountains to goliath bogs. Quite a bit of Russia is comprised of rolling, treeless fields called “steppes”. The locale of Siberia, which involves seventy-five percent of Russia, is commanded by rambling pine timberlands called “taigas”.

Russia boasts of about 10,000 rivers including probably the longest and most dominant on the planet. It additionally has numerous lakes, including Ladoga and Onega (Europe’s two biggest lakes), and Lake Baikal, which contains more water than some other lake on Earth.

As Russia is so immense, it’s nothing unexpected that this great nation is home to countless and various species. Its timberlands, steppes, and tundras give environment to numerous uncommon creatures, including Asiatic mountain bears, snow panthers, polar bears, and little, rabbit-like warm-blooded animals called pikas.

Russia’s first national parks were set up in the nineteenth century, yet many years of unregulated contamination have negatively affected a considerable lot of the nation’s wild places. To help ensure and reestablish the nation’s common excellence, exacting natural reserves have been set up, known as zapovedniks.


Russia’s most well-known creature species is the Siberian tiger, the biggest feline on the planet. Indigenous to the woodlands of eastern Russia, these imperiled mammoths can develop to over 3m long, and weigh up to 300kg. Pretty big, isn’t it?

Russians view themselves as a knowledgeable country. They read a great deal, and will be exceptionally shocked on the off chance that you disclose to them you have not perused Pushkin or Tolstoy! Books in Russia are very cheap, and a great many people can stand to purchase 5-10 books per month without genuine harm to the family spending plan. Russians are additionally partial to live exhibitions at the theater, and since tickets are moderate (the costs in films and theaters are practically identical), a staggering scope of choices is accessible to everybody, including musical show, ensemble shows, musicals, expressive dance, dramatization, etc.

There is at least one theatre in every city.

Russian culture is non-individualistic. The intensity of a person in Russia is considerably less than in the west and most arrangements are pushed through family, companions, and colleagues. A well known Russian saying is, “One isn’t a warrior in the front line.” In Russia, it is important to realize individuals incapacity to make things work. This is the reason Russians keep up a bigger number of fellowships than a normal westerner. In the event that you know the correct individuals, you can organize the most troublesome things with little exertion.

Most of Russians think about themselves Christians and have a place with the Russian Orthodox Church. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for a nation where agnosticism was the official state religion for over 70 years. Religion, notwithstanding, is definitely not a genuine piece of their life. Russians give more consideration to horoscopes than to the Bible. Individuals ordinarily go to the chapel just to “light a flame” and rapidly implore. They do it to request something to occur (a business bargain, a test) or to recollect a nearby individual who is dead. Individuals don’t need to be an individual from the congregation to do it and they don’t make month to month commitments to the congregation. The congregation makes due by selling candles and update notes and charging for administrations, for example, submersions, weddings, and burial services. A congregation marriage isn’t legitimate in Russia. A few needs to enlist their marriage with government experts before they are permitted to have a congregation service performed.


Medicinal services and instruction are free in Russia, however, Russians joke that training turns out to be less and less free with consistently. It is as yet conceivable to get a college training for nothing by passing the selection tests, however, the colleges are diminishing the number of understudies that review on a free premise on account of poor state financing.


Places To Tour in Russia

Russia is a nation of differentiation, from incredible subtropical shorelines to sharply chilly winter areas in the north. The east may have fewer inhabitants, yet its flawless urban communities are among the most prominent spots to visit in Russia and can stand their ground against the west. Russia is saturated with history wherever a voyager goes, from awful fights to extraordinary established music and writing. What’s more, wherever guests can see instances of great workmanship, in galleries as well as in its places of worship. Russia is a beautiful place.


1.  Moscow:

Being the capital city of Russia, Moscow is the most significant city in Russia, yet not only for political reasons alone. This city houses over 12 million Russians and is likewise notable for its imaginative undertakings, including expressive dance, orchestras, and craftsmanship. Onion-molded vaults of notable places of worship fill the horizon. The stately Kremlin and amazing Red Square, one of the biggest squares on the planet, are sights not to be missed, as are statues of Lenin and Stalin, disputable pioneers in the twentieth century. Additional proof that Moscow’s past wasn’t constantly squeaky clean can be found in the Gulag and Cold War galleries.


St. Petersburg, Russia Europe's Leading City Destination
St. Petersburg, Russia Europe’s Leading City Destination

2.   St Petersburg 

Russia’s second-biggest city, although known as Leningrad, is preferred by its original name, St. Petersburg by a great many people. Established in 1703 by Tsar Peter the Great, St. Petersburg was before the supreme capital of Russia; its name was changed to Leningrad in 1924. Due to its area on the Neva River, which nourishes into the Gulf of Finland and after that into the Baltic Sea, the city is a mainstream northern journey goal and a standout amongst the most prominent spots to visit in Russia. Known as the social capital of Russia, the city brags one the best workmanship accumulations on the planet at the Hermitage, with places of worship adding to the city’s radiant craftsmanship. Nevsky Prospekt is the city’s well-known shopping and feasting road.


Russia Golden Ring! One of the Best Places in Russia to Visit!
Russia Golden Ring! One of the Best Places in Russia to Visit! One of the Places Most Visited in Russia!

3.  The Golden Ring

strings together a few urban communities outside of Moscow that amazing and awe-gazing views. Beautiful wide open spaces loaded up with cherry plantations, interesting bungalows, onion-formed arches and notable houses of worship that contain the nation’s most seasoned craftsmanship make this area an exceptional spot to visit. One of the most seasoned locales in Russia, today it is exceptionally mainstream with Russian sightseers who need to encounter a little bit of history. The customary method to see the urban communities and towns make a counter-clockwise circle starting and consummation in Moscow: Vladimir, Suzdal, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Rostov Velikiy, Pereslavl-Zalesskiy, and Sergiev Posad. Whitestone places of worship, cloisters and posts are just a portion of the sights to see.

Other exciting places include Karzan, Irkutsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Vladivostok, Veliki Novgorod, Sochi, Yekaterinburg, among many others.


What to do or not do in Russia

To visit Russia and enjoy your time there, there are a few things you need to put in place.

1. Get yourself a visa – first things first.

2. Choose a preferred season, location, and type of vacation before you leave.

3. Go online and read tour guides.

4. Get your tickets and book a hotel.

5. Pack lightly – Russia has almost everything in good supply.

That said, here are things you shouldn’t try in Russia:

1. When you enter the home of someone you want to visit, be sure not to wear your shoes inside.

2. Don’t have too much fun and whistle indoors.

3. Don’t leave empty bottles on the table as it is believed by Russians to bring bad luck.

4. Don’t smile for no reason and don’t smile too long at strangers.

5. Don’t sit while an elderly person stands (or a woman, if you’re a man).

6. Do not try buying phones on the street – you will be scammed.

7. Never ask someone of their age and salary.