Skiing in Denver, Colorado
Skiing in Denver, Colorado. Types of Different Equipment that you need!

How Important Is the Right Ski and Snowboard Equipment in A Ski Package Deal?


We all are fond of vacations and mostly the adventurous ones. However, one among them is skiing trips. A plethora of resorts around the world offers ski package deals and traveler even gravitate towards those resorts to have some adventurous time as well. Moreover, it is very crucial to have a clear perception of what you are doing before you head towards it.

It is very essential to have the right knowledge about skiing types and equipment to enjoy the trip. It is a wonderful as well as adventurous activity to do when you are on a winter vacation. To some travelers, skiing is a nerve-wracking experience and to some, it’s just fun that they love to relish every time.

It always depends upon the level of advancement that you have on this particular activity. You do not excel in a day moreover it needs immense practice and proper knowledge. This is why we have brought this guide to help you out on the basic facts of skiing.

Before moving into the details of skinning, the foremost thing to consider is “different type of skiing” and “equipment for skiing”. However, this is what we are going to deal with in this guide. Let us first explore the different type.


Here you go!!


To some people skiing just means sliding downwards from a small hill of snow and that’s it. But this is not the concept at all. As dance and music have many styles so does skiing.


Different Type of Skiing

Alpine or Downhill Skiing

Amid all the types of skiing downhill, alpine skiing is the most popular one. It is a type of skiing where you will get a chairlift to get to the top of the mountain. There are many other mechanisms too but this is the most common one among all.

However, after reaching the top you will have to ski down from that mountain. The kit used in this method of skiing is specialized only for moving downwards. Moreover, the boots are attached to the ski firmly to maintain balance.


Cross Country Skiing

This skiing is a cheaper alternative than downhill skiing as you have to ski up the mountain by yourself. There will be no lift to carry the skier. In cross country skiing you do not have to ski down the hill rather this type of skiing demand more aerobics.

Moreover, the boots used in this skiing are not attached to the ski and they are even soft compared to the boots used in downhill skiing.


Freestyle Skiing

You might have had a slight assumption from the name itself. It’s the type where you can turn and twist at any time rather than moving in one direction.

This is an advanced level skiing and if you are a beginner then you need to practice a lot to perform this. Freestyle skiing has now turned into a sport and many athletes compete enthusiastically.


Off-Piste Skiing

The name speaks it all, this is about skiing off the piste on the untouchable snow. This skiing is dangerous than any other type of skiing and it needs advances skills. Off-piste skiing cannot be conquered at the first go.


Telemark Skiing

It is quite similar to alpine skiing as the skiers aim to reach the bottom of the mountain. But the difference in this skiing is that the heels are not attached to the board. Therefore, you need to have a very good grip and flexibility.


Adaptive Skiing

Everyone can enjoy skiing if they have the right mindset of attempting it. However adaptive skiing is for the physically disabled participants.

People who are suffering from Paralympian can relish the adrenaline surge of skiing by using different adaptable equipment. Many ski resorts have this facility for the adaptive skier.



Snowboarding does not fall under the type of skiing. But there are some skiing package deals that even include snowboarding in their list.

In snowboarding, you will have to stand in a single board rather than standing on two separate boards. The equipment for this activity is different than that of skiing. The equipment of snowboarding is quite similar to that of skiing.

As you are now familiar with the type of skiing technique, it will be an easy task for you to decide about the type of skiing you would like to go on. The ski resorts have a number of packages that offer a different type of skiing but it sometimes turns out to be so hard to take a decision about what to opt for.

While you are all set with the type of skiing, now it is the time to go on the equipment. It is very important to choose the right equipment while skiing. It is an exciting activity but does not forget that it is dangerous as well. So the right equipment is very important every time you go on relishing skiing.


Here is a list of equipment that you should own while you are on a skiing trip



There are different types of skis for different types of skiing. The reason behind this is because the ski has a lot to do than moving ahead. It is very essential that the base of the ski touches the snow so that it can slide in a proper manner.

The base of the ski is made up of P-tex. It is a polyethylene plastic, make sure that the material is good so that you can use the ski for a longer time. Make sure to check the edges as well. On the other hand, the sharpness and the edges are even important to cut into the snow. A better ski will give you an excellent skiing experience.


Ski Boots

The most important part of skiing equipment is ski boots. If these boots are not perfect, then nothing will work in a correct manner.

An uncomfortable ski boot has the capacity to ruin the complete skiing trip. While skiing makes sure that your boots are properly attached to the ski so that you can have a smooth landing.



The poles are generally used to push you along the flat area. It is used by the skiers who are in the intermediate or advances levels of skiing.

There are different types of poles that you can get for yourself. However, it always depends upon your height. Check the pole and decide for yourself which one will suit you the most.


Ski goggles

This is a very essential thing to have while you are out for a skiing tour. Goggles protect your eyes from the UV rays and snowflakes that might be an obstacle.

It even improves the vision and makes you see the mountain much clearer rather than without it. Don’t go for ordinary sunglasses rather buy a ski goggle as it is important to have a clear view of where you are heading.



Ski helmet has become popular equipment in recent years. The helmets are now very functional than it was before. The first reason to wear a helmet is to protect the head.

But it is amazing that modern helmets will even keep you warm and hold your goggles in a better way. Do not forget to carry a helmet with you as not all of the skiing are easy going and you might even hurt yourself if you haven’t taken precautions.



Snowboards are used for snowboarding rather than skiing. The traditional snowboards use to be of wood but that has changed now.

It is true that there are many people who still use wooden boards. The snowboards are now made up of P-Tex. It is the same material that is used in the skiing boards as well. It is important to pay keen attention to the edges of the board so that it does not create any trouble.

Skiing and snowboarding are adventurous activities that you should try out whenever you get a chance. There are many resorts that include the finest facilities for these activities.

But it must surely be kept in mind that, it is very important to have appropriate equipment when you are going out on a skiing trip. The scarcity of appropriate equipment can make the whole trip a vain and nothing else.