Dubai, the most popular cosmopolitan city in the Emirates is a global tourism hotspot
Dubai, the most popular cosmopolitan city in the Emirates is a global tourism hotspot

My two Days Dubai Itinerary: The best way to explore Dubai in a short time


Dubai, the most popular cosmopolitan city in the Emirates is a global tourism hotspot. This city always attracted me with its beauty and charm. Unfortunately, I did not have a legacy to visit Dubai on a long holiday. Many of my common friends visited this city of dreams who are now storytellers about their experiences.

There is no doubt about the greatness of this city. Dubai houses some of the world’s most famous and astonishing attractions. These are not only unique but will wonder you when you visit. Millions of people visit Dubai to marvel around these attractions. If you love shopping the world’s largest shopping mall, the Dubai Mall will welcome you. For all food lovers, there are tons of restaurants selling authentic varieties of food. Even there is an underwater aquarium amidst the Arabian Desert. Truly Unbelievable! Isn’t it, what do you think?

Dubai is so big it’s impossible to explore the entire city in two or three days. However, if you fall short on time and can manage a couple of days, there are attractions you can explore. Although it will be a hectic schedule, never mind as it’s a golden opportunity to steal time and explore Dubai.

I got this idea and booked a transit flight via Dubai. On landing, I easily received the 96-hours stay visa in Dubai. That was enough for me as my plan was to explore the city highlights in 2 days. My two days Dubai Itinerary will give you an awesome idea about the best way to explore Dubai in a short time. If you are an enthusiastic backpacker and love to explore the world, read my e-book, ‘How To Travel The World For Free?’ by Lonely Stone (It’s me, Lol!). 


Unlocking my travel memories, let’s jumpstart and find out how I explored the best of Dubai in just 2 Days.


My Hotel

Hotel selection is important in Dubai. Remember, it is not a cheap destination so thinks could be heavy on your pocket. Since I was travelling alone, I preferred staying in budget hotels. I had two options, either book a budget hotel amidst the city chaos or find one in a peaceful area outside the city. I decided to go for the second option and booked through their website. It was absolutely unbelievable for me to enjoy a stay for below $40 per night in Dubai.

Dubai has an amazing public transport system and the Dubai Metro that runs through the heart of the city also connects all major tourist attractions. The nearest metro station was Jebel Ali which is located at a five-minutes walking distance from my hotel. I grabbed the Dubai Metro Map and planned my two days Dubai Itinerary easily.


Day 1:

After enjoying an English breakfast at the Hotel’s restaurant, I took the morning train for my first Destination, The Burj Khalifa. It is the world’s tallest man-made tower made of steel with the observation deck at a recorded height. After exiting from the metro gate, I can straight walk through a subway tunnel that took me to the Burj Khalifa. On my way was the Dubai Mall, World’s Largest shopping mall with Underwater Aquarium. I was just dancing on my feet to see everything. I purchased the Burj Khalifa, At The Top entry tickets from the ticket counter situated at the entry gate of Dubai Mall. It gave me access to reach the 124th, 125th and 148th Floor of the tower’s observation deck from where I enjoyed a breathtaking birds-eye view of the city.

But do you know what is even more interesting? It’s the elevator. Yes, unbelievably I reached the 124th floor from the ground floor in just sixty seconds. Later I came to know it’s one of the world’s fastest elevator. I spend hours enjoying the stunning views from the tower and capturing golden moments with my camera. Later, I planned to explore the Dubai Mall and did some shopping from a few of the boutique stores located out there. I also enjoyed stunning views of the giant water Aquarium from outside as it’s free.

It was almost evening and I never realized how time passed quickly. I was feeling hungry and decided to have a gorgeous dinner at the Arabian Souk Al Bahar. It is an extremely popular destination for dinner as you can enjoy mesmerizing views of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. I was thrilled to know the Dubai Fountain is the world’s largest choreographed water fountain. While eating a traditional Arabic Meal, I enjoyed the water fountain show sitting at the restaurant. Later, I took the return to my hotel carrying pleasant memories of the day.


Day 2:

I woke up late as I want to visit the famous Gold Souq in Dubai. I took the metro and dropped at the Al Rais metro station which is on the Green Line. Visiting this place will give you a true Emirati cultural experience like never before. Can you imagine how golds are displayed in Gold Souq? I bet! No. It was beyond my imagination to see so much gold and ornaments overflowing as I marvel around the streets. There are over three-hundred gold shops selling gold bars and ornaments. The area was overcrowded with tourists and locals alike. It is so tempting you could not resist yourself from shopping. I spend hours marveling the area, visiting the stores and finally purchased a gold ring for myself. Dubai gold is known for its purity and I boast for having one. Adjoining the area is Creek which is the waterfront pomegranate in Dubai. It is a pleasant place to stroll around. If you feel hungry, enjoy sipping a cup of Hot Arabic Tea and eat Shwarma, the popular local snack in the Middle East.

It was now time for me to come back and pack my baggage for my return flight. I was overwhelmed and excited the way I enjoyed these two days in Dubai. There are tons of attractions in Dubai that I could not explore. I started making my travel plan to re-visit Dubai for the upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 the world’s largest international exhibition.

This is all from me and I wish to hear back from all of you. So, don’t forget commenting below about your travel experience after you visit the dream city Dubai.