Northern-Italy-Lake-Island Town Pano
Northern-Italy-Lake-Island Town Pano

Places to Visit in Italy


If you want to find the true meaning of beauty, then head towards Italy. It is not only the land of beauty but a destination that every traveler dreams about. Being a traveler myself, I have the desire to travel to the faraway land in search of beauty but little did I know that this land will gift me with a lot more than I desired for. Starting from historical cities to water lands and metropolitan states there is everything of everybody in this beautiful land.

Here is a list of places in Italy that you should explore to better understand the underlying mystery of this wonderful land.

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Florence, Italy The City of Art
Florence, Italy The City of Art! One of the most Beautiful Places to visit and tour!

Reminiscing the Renaissance is the task of Florence in Italy. This esthetic place is the great art city of Europe. Once you have stepped into Florence it is sure that you will forget about the tracking your time. this city of Italy is a great place for art lovers and it has intense art and architecture in it every turns and corner.

When I was in Florence, I could not understand where to start my exploration from and where to end. This city is not only the art capital but even the cultural capital of Italy. You can acquire the pure essence of classical music, opera, and contemporary art. Florence is even a lively and vibrant city that is filled with restaurants and nightclubs.

Moreover, this place even has craft stores and outlandish shops from where you can take home memories of Florence. Interestingly, the Chianti which is a vine-covered hill is even close to this art city. This place in Italy has everything that you need for a perfect holiday. If you plan on spending just a few days in Florence, then you should reschedule your trip again because it is a long weekend vacation.



venice grand canal italy best cities to visit
venice grand canal italy best cities to visit! You Do Not want to miss This Beautiful City!

Venice, a city that never stops enchanting people with its beauty. There are no roads in Venice and the only way to explore this vibrant city is by boats. The loveliness of this city lies in the waterway that will make you wonder about the beauty of the place. Venice is made up of 118 small islands and amid them, The Grand Canal is famous of all.

As the name suggests this place even looks grand due to the extravagant palaces of Renaissance and Gothic periods. If you think that the waterways are only the source of attraction here, then you are wrong. Art and architecture are on every side of Italy and this is even true for Venice. One of the most splendid architecture is in Venice is Piazza San Marco where you will find a huge crowd of visitor relishing the beauty of the place.

There are a lot of things that you can do in this amazing destination and one among them is walking through the cobblestone street and appreciating the beauty it holds. There are even cafes and restaurants in this place where you can enjoy the taste of different cuisine.



Rome, a city that speaks a lot about history. You will be amazed to know that this city holds 3,000 years of history and the essence is still present in every wall of the ruins. It is impossible to think about visiting Italy without even exploring this capital city. Rome first welcomed me with its ancient aura then gradually my trip turned into a beautiful journey.

If you are not a history lover, then don’t worry as Rome is for all. Not only it has historical places to endeavor but it even has fancy restaurants and cafes too. It is here where you will find the finest blend of ancient culture and modern day. Visiting Rome will give you the authentic glimpse of the Roman Empire that any books of history cannot provide.

Visiting Rome was the amazing part of my Italy tour. I have not only encountered history but also relished the view of the finest arts. I could decode the fact of Rome being called as the romantic city. It was not only because of its beauty but even for the strong power that this city has to make you adore its every corner. Rome is a charmer, the prime charmer of Italy.



Milan Cathedral at night
Milan Cathedral at night, panorama including Vittorio Emmanuele II gallery.

If you are inclined towards city life, then Milan is the best destination you most look forward to in Italy. Fashion and design is the most intriguing part of this city. It is the commercial hub of Italy and even the fashion capital.

This city is well known for its extravagant lifestyle and vibrant outlook. The other parts of Italy will welcome you with palaces and ancient ruins but Milan is a place where you will find modern skyscrapers and modern building having fabulous interiors.

Never the less, even this city had an important part to play in history. It is the land that was ruled by Caesars and Napoleon. However, travelers are mostly drawn to this city because of shopping centers. The shopping stores have outstanding collections of clothing that a glance will be enough for you to make a decision.

Not only there are huge shopping malls but the street of this city is packed with clothing outlets, boutiques, and high street shops. Milan and its extravagant lifestyle attract millions of people from the faraway land. If you plan on visiting Milan, then remember to not only check out the huge shopping malls but even wander around the small stalls. If you are lucky enough you might find some really good quality product only by spending a few cents.