Moroccoian Money Saving Money on Your Trip
Moroccoian Money Saving Money on Your Trip

Money-saving tips while visiting in Morocco!


The beautiful city of Morocco is popular among travelers for various reasons. It has become a first choice for the trek lovers, surfers, people who want to explore the history, shopping lovers and adventure lovers.

The place is full of the world’s best travel destinations. If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, then you can take help from the various travel guides to know the best places to visit in Morocco.

Today we are here to make your budget plan for visiting Morocco. It is good to have a look at your pocket and spend it according to it whenever or wherever you are visiting. You can take help from here to plan your whole trip according to your budget.


Basic travel cost:


     1.   Accommodation:

Marrakesh and Fez are the main cities of Morocco. It is because the connectivity of these areas is very good for all the top travel destinations of Morocco. The average rate for Dorm Rooms in these areas is 8 to 12 USD per night.  You can afford more than you can go for private rooms, which will cost $21 to 26 USD.


     2.   Food:

The meals are incredibly cheap in Morocco, especially when you will eat from the local markets. For a cup of mint tea, you will have to pay just $0.85 to 1 USD. Regional foods like the tagline, meat, and vegetable dishes will cost only $4. For having sandwiches, pizzas and other dishes in the famous restaurants of Morocco, the restaurant will charge between $30 to 50 USD.  You can also go with famous seafood, which comes with a combo pack of Drinks, salad, and bread by spending only $10 to 16 USD.

     3.   Activities:

You can hire a guided group to explore Morocco from Marrakesh. The guided group tour will provide you a car and will take you to the top travel destinations of Morocco. If you hire them for a full day, they will charge USD 93. The cost for a half-day tour will be around $53. If you ask them to add some specific locations, they will charge according to the activity and location.


Budget suggestion:

Budgeting Your Money on your Vacation
Budgeting Your Money on your Vacation


     1.   Backpacker budget:

By spending only $40 to 60 per day, you make your holidays memorable as per the backpacker budget. You can stay in a hotel, eat from the main market stalls, limited drinks, and can hire local transportation for visiting central cities or Hammam.


     2.   Mid-range budget:

If your budget allows you to pay $120 to 130 USD per day, then you can explore Morocco by staying in a budget hotel, wandering by private transportation to any city wherever you want, or can eat in the popular restaurants.


     3.   Luxury budget:

Now, for a luxury budget of $360 plus per day, you can visit all the top travel destinations of Morocco by taking any private tour you want.  You can stay and eat in luxurious hotels and restaurants in Morocco.

Tips for saving money:

Tips on Saving Money
Tips on Saving Money

     1.   Have food from the street stalls:

We said earlier that the food could be found at cheap rates in Morocco. The restaurants will cost around $3 for one essential meal, but the street foods are less expensive than restaurants. By spending a few dollars, you can have delicious kebabs, sausages, barbecued corn on the cob, hot roasted chicken, and huge sandwiches, among many other tasty options from the street stalls.


     2.   Bargaining for cab fare:

The prices are not set for transportation in Morocco. Therefore if you will bargain hard, then you can be able to lessen the cost of touring in the cities.


     3.   Avoid fraud guides:

A considerable number of fraud guides appear at all the travel spots of the world, including Morocco. They will offer you cheap tour services, and if you said them yes, then you probably get into trouble. So be keen to tell them a big No.


     4.   Avoid drinks:

Alcohol is not common in Morocco. But still, you can find many places which offer drinks to travelers. The drinks aren’t good at this place. So, it’s good to avoid drinks to save money.


Last lines!

I hope now you can easily make your budget plan to explore the top travel destinations in Morocco. The prices mentioned in the article are average. You can find a bit of a difference in some places.