Las Vegas, Neveda Birds eye view, Night Image
Las Vegas, Neveda Birds eye view, Night Image

Vegas Travel Guide

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”


The “Sin City” or the “America’s Playground”, whatsoever you may call it but Vegas is surely glitzy showbiz. This sumptuous oasis in the desert is an amalgam of countless pleasures in one spot. A trip to Las Vegas is an itinerary that is filled with events, luxury hotels, casinos, endless buffets, relishing events and a lot more than you can think.

If you are a first-time traveler, then this travel guide is a perfect solution for your Vegas travel queries. Starting from tips to essential information there is everything that you need to get started for your Vegas itinerary.


Things you will find in this guide: 

• What to know before you go?

• What to pack?

• When to go?

• What to do?

• Where to eat?

• Where to stay?


What to know before you go 

Vegas is also known as the sin city is unlike any cities in America. It is filled with unique entertainment and hyperactive people. there are the epic pools, flamboyant nightlife, endless gambling and a number of restaurants. But this is not the end to it, there are more things that you need to know about this full of life city.

Here are some of the things you should know about Vegas before you visit


• Walking – not a good option

You might be thinking that Vegas is a place full of hotels and clubs and everything is next to the other. Yes, you are right about hotels and clubs but the latter point is not true. It takes 15 to 30 minutes to walk from one hotel to another. So you can now be sure that the distance is not that easy to cover by foot. you will have to hire cabs much time on your stay. So if you think of walking then decline the idea.

• Cabs will make you wait

In Vegas, you won’t get taxis in a snap. There are a lot of traveler visiting Vegas every day and most of them prefer taxis over any other mode of transport. On the other hand, cabs pick and drop passengers from one location to another and as we have already said it takes 30 minutes to do so. However, you want to hire a taxi then you will have to wait.


• Tip, please

Its las Vegas and it all about drinks and gambling. However, there are casinos that offer a free drink. Yes, you heard me a right free drink. but you will have to tip the cocktail waitress. They will ask for it every time you are offered a free drink.


• Bear cash

If you think of withdrawing money from casino ATM, then this is a bad option. The casino ATM fees are very high and doing that will cause loss of money. Therefore, carry plenty of cash with you as you will need it for cover charges and tips.


• Before night clubs go to the hotel desk

Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub - The Best Club in Las Vegas
Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub – The Best Club in Las Vegas

How long will you keep wandering on the streets searching for a good nightclub? It is a hassle. Right? Here is a tip, before setting out for nightclubs just for once visit the front desk of your hotel and ask them about “what will be the best bet?”. They will surely recommend you and you will even be informed of the best discounts.


What to pack for Vegas?

You have accomplished all the task necessary for your Vegas trip. Starting from booking room and flight to purchasing shows ticket. But there is something that you have not yet completed. Yes, it is indeed PACKING.

The trip to the sin city is special and so should be your packing as well. Here is a list of essentials that you need to carry with you on your trip to Vegas.

Here you go!!!


• Comfy shoes: maps can sometimes be misleading. The las vegas strip in the map gives an illusion that the places are really close to each other. But this is not the case at all. In real life, they are completely the opposite of what they look. In Vegas, you will have to walk a lot to reach from one point to another. The glamorous and glittering city can lure you to pack on your high heels but be aware that it is surely going to hurt. However, you can carry heels but also pack stilettos and Italian leather too.

• Sunglasses: this essential needs no explanation. But make sure to take it with yourself because you will not be liking to buy a new pair and also paying double the original price.

• Sunscreen: if you don’t intend to getting back home tanned and dark then sunscreen is essential you must pack first. Las Vagas is in the middle desert and so you can imagine how sunny it can be. Therefore, it better to be safe than sorry.

• Clothing: you might be thinking that las vegas are a party city and all that you need to carry is shimmery party dresses but this is not the case at all. Beside party dress, you need to take other forms of attire too. It gets cold even during the summer nights so you can carry some zip-up hoodies and jackets as well.

• USB charger: Las Vegas is a fabulous city loaded with huge infrastructure, brightly lit streets and lively nightclubs. It is quite possible to run out of battery just by clicking pictures of this vibrant city and sharing with your friends back at home. Apparently, every there charging station in Vegas as well as the casinos have ports where you can charge your phone. But for all this, you need to pack a USB charger so that you don’t have to freak out once your battery is dead.


When to go to Vegas?

Las Vegas Best Place To Visit and Tour This is a Very Exciting city
Las Vegas Best Place To Visit and Tour This is a Very Exciting city

Is there a right time to go to Las Vegas? Actually, there is no right and a wrong time to go to Vegas. You can go there in winter and enjoy the snowfall. However, Vegas will treat you with cocktails. You can go there in summer and enjoy the pool parties with your newly made friends and you can even go in the spring and be mesmerized by the beautiful weather as well as the minimal crowd.

To be honest, visiting Las Vegas is completely a personal choice. it is your likes and dislikes that will be the sole purpose of visiting this sin city. Depending upon what kind of person you are, if you are a party person or a strict gambler or a sightseeing individual will play a major role in your decision of visiting Las Vegas.

But even if you are still confused and want to know more about when to visit Las Vegas then go through the following points of this travel guide.


• Good time to go: Plan on going to Vegas when the room rates are cheap. It is mostly during the summer season when the price of rooms goes down. It is even the perfect time to save money on your trip as the accommodation costs are not that high, all that you have to pay is for the pool parties. July and August are the months of the year when you will find that the room rates go down.

• Watch the weather: Weather is even a major fact for deciding about when to set out for Vegas. Summers in Vegas is hot and dry. But the pools can save you as it does an incredible job by keeping you cool even during the days. On the other hand, winters are warm but during the nights it can sometimes go below freezing point. Whereas as packed casinos and cocktails can keep you in comfort if you are a casino person.

• Entertainment matters: If Vegas shows excite you then check out for the schedule from the internet and pack your bags according to that. Apparently, there are a plethora of options that you can choose regardless of the time and month. However, it is hard to get tickets for the show only right before Christmas.

As I have said earlier there is no right and wrong time to visit Vegas but what is best for you is best for Vegas as well. You can travel at any time of the year but do not forget to keep in mind the points that I have mentioned above to make your trip memorable.


What to do?

You surely won’t like to spend your whole trip sitting and laying in the hotel room. whether you are on a solo trip or family vacations, it is always essential to spend the time in a relishing way. if you are thinking of what must be done in Vegas then here I am with a solution.

wynn casino plus-beaux casinos vegas
wynn casino plus-beaux casinos vegas

These are the things you must do on your visit to Vegas.

• Place a bet in the famous casino: your Vegas trip will definitely sound incomplete if you have not tried your luck. the best thing that you can do in Vegas is to go to the Caesars Palace and place a bet. it is the famous casino in Las Vegas. it has seen many gamblers for the past 50 years. so go to the famous casino and try out your luck.

• See the whole world in Vegas: Vegas have the most vivid type of hotels. this city pays homage to many famous and beautiful locations around the globe. starting from Paris to Venice there are many themed hotels in Vegas where you can pay a visit. truly, this is the magic of Las Vegas.

• Enjoy your night with the stars: the course of entertainment is changing in rapid scales. film stars and musicians where only a part of theatre and concert shows but now the era has changed. while you wish the casinos of Las Vegas you might come across famous stars showcasing their performances. Therefore, buy tickets and attend some of the concerns to see Celine Dion, Bruno Mars, Reba and many more.


Where TO EAT?

If you are a first time visitor to Las Vegas, then the plethora of restaurants will make your head spin again and again. There are both high end and low-end restaurants in Vegas. But which on to opt for completely depends upon personal preferences.

Here is a list of top restaurants starting from budget to expensive.

Here you go!!!

• Pizzeria Monzú

Pizzeria Monzú is an Italian restaurant in las vegas. It is a very famous amid the travels because of its inexpensive menu and good quality food. It is one of the top 10 restaurants in Vegas and the most overwhelming part of this restaurant staffs. They are well mannered and very forbearing with the customers. Turning on to the food, meals such as brunch, lunch, and dinner are served here and the menu starts from 25 USD to 50 USD. If you are an Italian cuisine love, then don’t forget to try out this restaurant on your visit to Vegas.

           Working Hours: Every Day, 11 AM To 9.30 PM

           Address: 6020 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas NV 89103

           Phone Number: (702) 749-5959

           Website: Monzulv



When it comes to high-end restaurants Stripsteak is one of them that you must surely try. This restaurant serves American cuisine and steak as well. It has the aura of the traditional American steak house with a glimpse of modern décor. The best item in their menu is steak fries deep-fried in duck fat and macaroni with cheese. Dinner is the only meal served in this restaurant. Whereas, the menu price starts from 75 USD to 100 USD. Don’t forget to pay a visit to this restaurant if you are a steak lover.

           Working Hours: Everyday, 4 PM To 11 PM

           Address: 3950 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas NV 89119

           Phone Number: (702) 632-7414

           Website: Strip Steak


• Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

Twist is the only Michelin three-star chef’s restaurant in united states. This restaurant has a unique look portraying sculptural globe lighting and mimics of whimsical glow. This restaurant even provides the finest view of the Mandarin Oriental from its 20-foot tall window. It is a restaurant that serves French cuisine and dinner is the meal you can settle for. It is surely a high-end restaurant and the menu starts from 100 USD.

           Working Hours: Every Day; 6 PM To 10 PM.

           Address: 3752 Las Vegas Blvd. South, Las Vegas NV 89158

           Phone Number: (888) 881-9367

           Website: Mandarin Oriental


Where To Stay

As there are a great number of restaurants in Vegas so is the case with hotels. You will find hotels in every street in Vegas and these hotels are well equipped with modern amenities. As you will find a plethora of hotels, you will even be amazed to know that all the hotel are not expensive. There is a different range of hotels and you definitely find the one you think will satisfy your pockets.

Here is a list of hotels starting from budget to expensive

• Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino

It is a 4-star hotel that provides urban hospitality. It is located in the downtown las vegas and has two guest towers. One being the 18 stored casino tower and the other being 26 stored grand towers. This hotel has 629 room and in every room, you will find modern facilities. The room in this hotel costs around 29 USD per night.

           Address: 206 N 3rd St, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

           Phone Number: 00 1 855-728-7732

           Website: Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino


• Plaza Hotel & Casino

Plaza hotel is a 3-star accommodation which has a casino, bingo hall, keno entertainment, seven dining options, five bars, and glass-domed restaurants along with 1000 rooms. This hotel has many property amenities starting from the pool to free Wi-Fi. A room in this plaza hotel and casino costs around 33 USD per night.

           Address: 1 S Main St, Las Vegas, Nv 89101, USA

           Phone Number: 00 1 844-252-2285

           Website: Plaza Hotel & Casino


• The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

It is the world’s most extraordinarily designed hotel in Las Vegas. It is even equipped with all the modern amenities and 24 hours’ front desk service. This hotel has achieved the certificate of excellence and even the green leader gold level. The Venetian is located in one of the most intriguing locations of Las Vegas that are in the most exciting crossroads of the strips. Moreover, there are many property amenities than you can imagine. A room in this hotel costs around 127 USD.

           Address: 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, Nv 89109, USA

           Phone Number: 00 1 855-519-3505

           Website: The Venetian Resort Las Vegas