The Hawaiian Islands have long been a vacation destination renowned for magnificent beaches and ocean views. However, travelers will also want to experience the amazing and majestic island interiors. Jeep rentals and tours give visitors the chance to celebrate the wild beauty of these islands.

Hollywood Movie Site Tour

If your kids are interested in dinosaurs, you can thrill them with a jeep tour of Kualoa Ranch. This private nature reserve features many Jurassic Park locations where parts of the film were shot. They’ll whet your appetite for more. In addition, there are two beautiful valleys that offer various activities, including zipline adventures, bicycle and hiking trails, and ATV rides. Travelers should know that some scenery used in the movie is located on public lands and some on private property. Arranging a Jeep tour will make it easier to avoid trespassing and free you up to soak in the surroundings.

Visit the Manawaiopuna Waterfall

You can also get airborne for a view of the Manawaiopuna Waterfall on the island of Kauai. This gorgeous natural feature is more than 400 feet tall, and you’ll recognize it as the famous waterfall from the movie. In fact, it’s commonly known as Jurassic Falls. However, it’s important to note that the Manawaiopuna Waterfall is located on privately-owned land, so hiking in the area is discouraged. In addition, only seasoned and very skilled hikers could tolerate this terrain. Book a helicopter tour to view this amazing natural feature in its entirety.

Take a Scenic Drive

A scenic drive across the island would be a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of the place at your own pace. Be aware that a guided Jeep tour would make it possible for you to enjoy the best views without having to worry about managing a vehicle. Sitting in the passenger seat as you travel through the mountains and enjoying the fresh air could be one of the highlights of your vacation. If you’re going through the mountains, taking a Jeep will help you emulate some of your favorite scenes.

Travel to any of the Hawaiian Islands is a great way to get away from everyday stresses and soak in the beauty of nature. When considering a vehicle rental, pay special attention to the terrain that you will need to drive on. If you’re not comfortable on mountain roads or if you just want to sit back and enjoy the view, a guided Jeep tour can boost the enjoyment of your trip.

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