You need a vacation but travel bans are still in place and it seems impossible to make a trip happen right now. How can you plan a relaxing vacation when 2020 has been so crazy? This article will walk you through a few things you can do to get started planning a wonderful vacation.

Bring Your Favorite People

Going on vacation with people you like can seem like a no-brainer but be specific about who you go with. Bring your favorite people on your trip, whether it’s your family or a group of close friends.

Ultimately, being with your favorite people will make your vacation a blast through the ups and downs. Even if your bag gets lost, you’ll be able to laugh about it with your friends. What better way to enjoy the fun exciting moments too? As you’re planning your vacation, be sure to reach out to your friends early enough to ensure that they will all be able to come.

Additionally, it’s important to consider each person’s needs so that everyone has a good vacation experience. If Grandma is coming, you’ll want to make sure that she has something fun to do while the rest of you are playing beach volleyball. If you have little kids coming, be sure to have kid-friendly activities as well.

Choose an Ideal Location

Choosing an ideal location can sometimes be tricky. While you may initially jump to thinking about factors like weather and fun attractions, you should also consider your personality type. While it may sound odd, the most relaxing vacations are the ones where you are able to truly recharge yourself.

If you are an introvert at heart, a cruise with a ton of group activities as the main entertainment source may not be the best option. Whether you choose to stay at a cozy mountain cabin or at a beachside location, think about what setting will help you be best refreshed. Of course, you’ll want a variety of activities. Introverts still need social stimulation. And extroverts still need some downtime. Considering your personality and your emotional needs while thinking about your travel location can help you choose the best place for you.

Find Cheap Travel Deals

If you start planning your trip early, you’ll often be able to find great cheap travel deals. As you think about specific activities that you want to do, look for coupons online. Websites like Groupon can often make you aware of certain deals available to you at your vacation destination.

Be sure to use any sky miles that you may have accrued with a specific airline. Also, if you’re up for it, consider booking a flight at a less than convenient time or with more layovers because the price is often significantly cheaper. Using certain websites can also help you scan across different airlines to find the best deals on flights going to your specific destination.

Rent a Home

Renting a vacation house will give you all the comforts of home and then some. A vacation home is more spacious than a hotel room and will allow you to sprawl out a little more—good when you and your family members want a little privacy.

You’ll likely have roomier bedrooms and a more open living room space to enjoy. But what’s even greater, rental homes often come with great outdoor areas as well. Specifically, deck features make it the perfect gathering area for your family.

Additionally, vacation homes usually come with fully-furnished kitchens that allow you to actually make some of your favorite dishes from the comfort of the vacation home.  Also, even though many people often think that vacation homes are not equipped with as many amenities as hotels, certain vacation rentals actually have private jacuzzis or access to high-end pools. Look for amenities like these to round out your stellar vacation home experience.

Book Early

The wise old adage to book your flight and your vacation home early could not be more relevant in the age of the coronavirus. As COVID-19 has unfortunately resulted in closing many national borders, domestic vacations will become even more popular during the winter months.

If you’re considering going somewhere tropical in the United States like Hawaii or Florida, it’s especially important to book early because you’ll be competing with more vacationers than normal. Booking early will help you find the best deals on both flights and vacation homes.

Additionally, you should also consider booking specific activities early too. If you wait till a week or two before you’re scheduled to leave, you may not be able to make that appointment for the couple’s massage you’ve been hoping to do.

Try New Cultural Experiences

As 2020 has been so deeply affected by coronavirus, it has seemed like many of the most enjoyable social activities have been cancelled. As people have grown accustomed to being in quarantine, it has been an important learning experience to realize that you shouldn’t social distance, you should physical distance.

As you’re planning your vacation, it can seem easily to knock off the option of looking up different social experiences to participate in because it is easy to assume that they won’t be running anyway.

While it is true that many festivals and other experiences have been cancelled, there are still a handful in different destination spots that have not. Taking the time to research different COVID-friendly cultural experiences that you can have on vacation will have big rewards. Not only are these experiences enriching, but they will help you feel like not everything has been cancelled this year.

Plan Specific Time to Relax

When it comes to vacation planning, it can be so easy to get swept up in the excitement of having some real relaxation time, that you forget to actually relax. While it is essential to plan fun and engaging experiences during your vacation, you should also set aside some time to chill.

Allowing yourself to nap, read, lay out in the sun, or even watch a movie will help you fully appreciate the other fun experiences that you have planned.

2020 has been an interesting year. It has not always made travelling seem all that appealing nor even fully possible. Yet, if you take into account some of these suggestions, you can still have a fabulous 2020 vacation.

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