Home safety tips when you travel: Do you know what to do?


“Home Sweet Home” and that’s all of us call it, correct? It’s the place that gives us the ultimate comfort of staying. When we make it, we provide proper attention to furnish and decorate our home with all the modern amenities.

I remember, when I shifted to a new house in Texas, I spend days to decorate it. From the curtains to the shelves and from the roof cover to the kitchen mat, it’s me who brought them. Since I’m a wonderer solo traveler, it’s a fact that I’ve to lock and key my Sweet Home and travel around.


Recently, I saw hundreds of my readers asking me, what do I correctly do to take care of my home when I am away.

I thought it’s a crucial question to address now as soon the lock-down will cease, I’ll start rolling over to my healthy nomadic life; a backpack, torch and notebook, that’s my world while I travel.

Of course, I protect them, and that’s an essential task for me; I do that every time. But’s there’s a few secret hacks that I apply. Are you curious to know them?


Here go Lonely Stone’s Home Protection secret hacks and home safety tips. You can apply them when you travel and backpack worry-free—excited, huh!

tips on keeping your home safe while traveling
tips on keeping your home safe while traveling


Secret Home safety tips: Hack#1

Do you have a letterbox outside your house? What do you do with the letters when you are away for some time? Don’t you think your mailbox going to overflow with mails? Yes, of course, it’ll. Well, where’s the hack?

Imagine, a thief passes by while scanning the surrounding area and notice your overflowing letterbox. It’ll be instantly clear that you’re not around, and it’ll be an open invitation for any burglar to break-ins. Do you agree with me?


So, what do I do?

Let me tell you. I tell my friend Jack who lives a few yards away from my house, to come and clean my letterbox daily. He collects all the letters and keeps with him. Luckily, for the last couple of years, I never worried about my sweet home while I keep traveling around.

My secret home safety tips: Hack#1 worked well! Try it out!


Home safety tips: Hack#2

Cool! And good to know about the Hack#1; you must be telling this in your mind, correct? Lol! Now, let me ask you again, what do you do with the lights inside your room when you are travel around and no plans to return soon? Like, when I explored Southeast Asia, I’d planned a Bone Voyage for over twenty days!


Are you excited to know what I did?

I purchased an auto Day Night Light Sensor Switch, which is an Automatic Light Switch. It’s a small electronic device, and you’ll find it any online or offline electronic retail. I’ll tell you how it functions.

Its light sensor works with light so, when it’s dark, it switches on my bedroom light while it switches off the lights during day time. In this way, I’m able to minimize the break-in chances and keep my house protected even though I’m traveling around, why? The burglars will think someone’s inside!


Great! I’m applying these two major home safety hacks while traveling around. If you’re keen to know about more Safety Hacks, keep an eye on my next eBook edition. 

Home and Travel Safety Tips by Lonely Stone.

I’m now signing off. Keep reading my blogs and Happy Day!