Los Angeles is the city of dreams, opportunities, and fantasy locations you may be used to seeing on your television and on the big screen. When you’re visiting LA, you may be blinded by the glitz and glamour of the city and find yourself mesmerized by all the action. Before boarding your plane to Los Angeles, it’s important to create a travel plan that lets you enjoy your vacation fully.

Attractions You Can’t Miss

If you’re taking a trip to LA as a tourist, there are many attractions that will make your stay worthwhile. You can hop on a bus to see celebrity homes in the Hollywood Hills or enjoy a fun night at a cinema in a graveyard surrounded by tombstones of your favorite stars of old. A little research is needed before coming up with the perfect travel plan to let you see all the sights during your stay, including food, lodging, and attractions that will create lasting memories.

Best Ways to Get Around

A popular song lyric from the 80s says, “No one walks in LA!” Since the city is so spread out, that still holds mostly true. Although traffic can be convoluted during the day, a rental car is your best bet unless you choose to use cabs for planned routes and ride-sharing programs to see the sights. The center of Hollywood is available for foot traffic, with some preparation. In order to be safe, avoid the most dangerous intersections for pedestrians in LA as you go throughout the city. You should never try to cross the Pacific Coast Highway intersection; instead, follow other tourists at crosswalks when you’re traveling on foot. A jaywalk charge can lead to jail time in the city, making your vacation plans impossible to fulfill.

Prepare for Any Weather

Most people think of California as sunshine and warm weather. Unfortunately, the city of LA can be temperamental with random rain and constantly changing temperatures. Layers can be your friend when you want to dress to the nines but make sure you stay warm in case of a nighttime chill. Durable shoe wear can also be fashionable when you’re walking about the city streets in order to prevent injury so that you can arrive home in one piece with tales of your trip.

With a little prep and a lot of excitement, Los Angeles can be the travel destination of your dreams. Look to key cues and the ways of the city for a perfect vacation.

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