Know Before You Go, Solo Backpacking Safety
Know Before You Go, Solo Backpacking Safety

Guide to plan for your first solo backpacking 


Backpacking is fun and full of adventure! Do you agree? Some of you may say ‘yes’ and few say ‘no.’ What do I feel? 


Hello Readers! I am back with a new blog post to make you feel excited about Solo backpacking. You will meet many Solo Backpackers as you start exploring the world’s most beautiful places where everyone should tour and visit. The solo backpacking journey is undoubtedly exciting, but it has various challenges too. I started as a solo backpacker and explored many cities, countries and continents. I realized if you start your solo backpacking the journeys after some basic preparation, it becomes more exciting and rewarding. This inspired me to write this guide to plan for your first solo backpacking. If you have a guide in hand, it becomes much easier to backpack the necessary items you need. Although you will meet with many solo backpackers during the course of your journey. But it is always better for you to have your own arrangements.


Trust me, Solo backpacking will give you a mixed feeling of apprehension and excitement. This is because you will be on your way to explore unknown countries or places. I will definitely admire those planning solo backpacking for the first time. The reason is it is definitely an act of courage to drive or visit any place cluelessly. However, this is what actually makes travelling an exciting thing too.


As you backpack, you will unfold a journey full of unique experiences. It will definitely be a treasure collection for the rest of your life. Explore the world, learn new languages, cultures and taste different food. When there is so much behind a backpacking experience, it is better to get yourself prepared before you start off.


The first time I decided backpacking and tour around this beautiful world, I was absolutely clueless. I was not aware of the necessities I must carry with me or what not to carry. Later I realized and learn how to backpack in the most effective way. I am writing this article, Guide to plan for your first solo backpacking unlocking my own experiences. You can also check my e-book, Travel the world for free and get more inspirational ideas about the solo backpacking.


Let’s get the stone rolling and start the journey…


How to plan for your first solo backpacking: Important things to know

Travel Insurance

Do you ever realize the importance of travel Insurance? It is extremely important you buy travel insurance when you plan for your first solo backpacking. In case of an emergency like theft, baggage loss or medical emergency, travel insurance comes extremely useful. However, the tree is tons of travel insurance available online. Make sure to compare and buy travel insurance online. Once you have the best Travel Insurance, you can easily save thousands of dollars as the insurer bears the expenses for any loss.


Buy a Nice backpack.

You must choose a backpack carefully. It should be light in weight with multiple numbers of pockets. This helps you to organize and keep the items together using less space. There are tons of backpacks available online. Buy a nice backpack based on your requirements.


Prepare a packing list.

This is the most crucial and challenging part, what to carry if you are solo backpacking for the first time. Prepare a packing list and include the most important items. The list must include a waterproof bag cover, rain jackets, shorts, laundry bag, etc. and the list is long. If you want to know more about how to plan for your first solo backpacking, read my Upcoming e-book.

The list of tips are plenty and you must follow them if this is your first solo backpacking. So, don’t limit yourself and set your journey to explore this beautiful world.