Coronavirus Pandemic: Should you travel or not?


Hello readers! I’m sure everyone is doing great, correct? Ohh, I know what has been going on around us. It’s a fact! I’m – Lonely Stone – stuck in a similar situation like yours. So, don’t worry at all! I’m always with my readers. Well, you must be thinking around, there’s tension around us, should we travel or not?

Hum, it’s correct, if you’re thinking alike; you’re not the only one thinking in this way. However, let me tell you something that you can do right now. Are you excited to know? Well, before that, let me ask you these questions? Don’t skip them!

    ●       How many places you’ve explored until today?

    ●       Do you think this coronavirus pandemic will be lasting forever?

    ●       What about your dream to travel and explore the world?

    ●       Did you forget your dream to travel and earn money online?

    ●       Should you travel or not?

Coronavirus Is It Safe to Travel
Coronavirus Is It Safe to Travel! Stay safe


Well, these are the questions which most of us are thinking right now, as we see the ongoing global situation; traveling can’t be a joy now!


Hold on! If you’re thinking this, you’re not entirely correct! Why? 

Let me ask you again? When you’re traveling like me alike to different parts of the world, exploring unknown things, how did  you get started? Do you remember?

Hey! You’ve planned and strategized in advance. That’s what you’ve to do now. This world has beautiful places around. Prepare a list and start planning. Always remember, there’s a regeneration process that our mother nature controls. It’s an ongoing process.

Therefore, don’t focus on the current situation of Italy, France, or the UK. Things will be back to normal soon. So, get into action as you’ve got a task ahead to complete, and what’s that? Let’s list down.


Let’s explore these topics:

    ♦   Ultimate Strategies to Save Money and Travel – click for the eBook

    ♦   How to Travel The World For Free? –  click for the eBook

    ♦   Destination Guides to explore various countries –  click for the eBook


Cool! That’s a brilliant idea. What do you say?


Let’s explore the ultimate Strategies to Save Money and Travel 

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When you want to plan for your next travel, you need to make an ultimate strategy on what? Well, that’s on formulating strategies to save money and travel: don’t you think that’s the first step, huh!

I’ve explained in my book unique ideas like, for example, how a home-made cup of coffee is an opportunity cost that you can utilize for your travel budget. Are you thrilled to know in detail? It’s simple, CLICK HERE! And you’ll get redirected directly to the page where I’ve uploaded this helpful E-book.

That’s amazing if you’ve downloaded your first copy. I’m thrilled, and I’m sure you’ll be exploring the tips that I’ve written based on my experience.


I’m Lonely Stone – A wanderer soul, and I’ll never rest my mind from traveling around. That’s my advice to everyone. 

So, for now, I’m signing off, and I’ll be back to explain to you about the other two topics – how to travel the world for free and Destination guide.

Therefore, stay tuned and keep sharing my post so that it reaches thousands of like us, stuck inside our home.

Can anyone control our minds? Could you give it a thought?