Asia, India gondola-lift The Gulmar Gondola
Asia, India gondola-lift The Gulmar Gondola! Image of Ski Lift and resort

Unique attractions of Asia, India – The GULMARG GONDOLA


Hello, my lovely readers, I again welcome all of you to my blog. The world is a big mystery staring from its creation, the mystery of the Black Holes and many Mysterious things that remained unsolved. Travelling game me an opportunity to explore and uncover a few of such mysterious and unique things that actually exist. I am starting a new series of sup topic where I am going to write about all the Top Unique and Mysterious attractions that I visited from my travel memories.  I am starting with Asia and this time the first country would be INDIA. In this article, I am going to share a unique attraction of Asia for people to tour and visit – THE GULMARG GONDOLA.



The world knows about Switzerland as the Heaven on the Earth for its scenic beauty. Do you know that there is a place in INDIA which locals named as Switzerland of India? Yes, I am not joking. The first time I heard about this place from one of my Indian friend who invited me to attend a marriage function. That year I planned for my Switzerland Backpacking. When my Indian friend heard he told me “I am inviting you to come and visit the Switzerland of India.” It was a wonder to me and made me curious to change my travel plan. What came out after the visit was more splendid than I imagined. I will definitely write in details about “Switzerland of India” which is Kashmir in another article. Now I am going to share a unique attraction found in GULMARG, a small hill station in the state of Kashmir.

Cable Cars always attract me and I never miss an opportunity to ride a cable car. GULMARG GONDOLA is one such Cable Car. But, is one of the world’s highest operating cable cars. This is a top unique attraction often hidden from the rest of the world. This is the longest ropeway that operates here in GULMARG. In the year of 2005, this amazing cable car ride stated its operation which lifts around 600 people per hour. The length of the cable is around 5,000 meters. Skiers can reach up to a height of 13,780 ft. on the KONGDOORI MOUNTAIN thought this cable car ride. A French company was behind this masterpiece project costing around 5.4 Million USD. During season time, the mountains are covered with snow and ideal for skiers to have various activities. The cable car operates into two stages. It will take you up to a Level 1st an altitude of 3,100 meters, named as the KONGDOORI STATION. On reaching, you can do various mountain activities. Adventure lover can climb to a further height of 4,114 meters which is Level 2, known as the AFARWAT STATION. Just imagine, you are at one of the Himalayan Peaks in just 12 minutes. The site is white as there are snows everywhere. When you travel from Level 1 to Level 2, you will see the weather changing dramatically. I enjoyed this adventure ride and enjoyed the breathtaking beauty that I can never forget. This was definitely my once in a lifetime experience and thanks to my Indian friend for that.


Tips for Travelers:

∗  Start early in the morning as you will face a large queue and after 9 AM all the tickets for Level 2 gets sold out.

∗    For Snow Lovers, visit during the months of January and February and enjoy Skiing.

∗      Don’t pay money to guides just follow the queue and you can explore everything yourself.

∗      You will feel hungry at the top. Unfortunately, there are no shops available. Carry some dry food to munch in case you are hungry. There are locals cooking “Noodles” at the top. At a chilling temperature of a minus seven degrees, sipping hot Noodles, I am sure would taste divine to all.