This is the Dish I tried in Kerala
This is the Dish I tried in Kerala

A culinary drive in India to God’s own state, Kerala.


I love visiting India because of the history, heritage, culture and food. My India tour always gave me some of my most memorable experiences. There are so many places to visit in India with a stunning beauty at the backdrop of nature. I feel lucky to explore a few of them, but the major chunk is yet unexplored. Kerala is one of the most beautiful Indian state famous for its breathtaking greenery, temples and beaches. Kerala is also famous for its unique South-Indian cuisine. You must be thinking what is so unique. The uniqueness lies in the plating and the wide variety of dishes served along with the meal. Stay with me for a culinary drive in India to God’s own state, Kerala.


Dishes that I tried in Kerala

My trip to Kerala was long as I explored beaches, temples, gardens and other beautiful places. The culinary drive was a part of my Kerala tour package. Kerala is also famous for Ayurveda Therapy (an ancient Indian Treatment). I discovered many Ayurveda retreats where people from all over the world visited to take herbal therapy treatments. I will detail these in my next blog. Coming back to the culinary drive in Kerala, let’s take a look about how the food tempted me.



Sadhya is simply a rice meal served on a banana leaf. There are over 20 accompanying dishes plated along with the meal. It is a vegetarian meal which included special rice (Choru) served at the center of the banana leaf. The accompanying dishes are placed on the leaf in chronological order, from left to right. It starts with homemade pickles, Chutneys (sweet-sour gravy item), pappadam (homemade chips). There are many vegetable curries but placed on the right side of the leaf. It starts with sambar, rasam, payasam, and curd. Traditionally, you need to sit on the ground and eat the meal using your figures. It was so tasty I was tempted even to lick my own fingers (lol, I controlled myself.).

Do you know how to eat with your hands while you explore India without using cutlery? I will share some interesting tips on that in my next blog.

I also noticed something interesting. You must fold the banana leaf after you finish eating. It indicates you are done, otherwise, the waiter comes with bowls of items to refill. This is one of the most popular lunch menus in Kerala. Mother’s Veg Plaza in Trivandrum is one of the finest restaurants to try Sadhya. The use of oil was extremely low. Coconut is the main ingredients used in all the items. Thus, this meal takes care of your health along with taste.


My Final Intake

My stomach was full, and I could not drink even a glass of water. The food was tempting, and I ate every single grain. Unfortunately, I could not order the food over here. However, on weekends I visit Pathiri Restaurant to refresh some of the old memories that I carry with me.

Name of the Restaurant: Pathiri Restaurant.

Address: 119 Trafalgar Rd, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 9TX, UK