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Beautiful Bali Indonesia, Plan Your Next Trip to an Unbelievable Paradise!

Trip to Bali
Hello Readers, I welcome all you to my travel blog. Over the years, I have been travelling around the world exploring the top places that people love to tour and visit. There are many places I visited so far, and my entire journey throughout is filled with mesmerizing memories and experiences. I decided to start this blog so that I can share my experiences with all of you. Today I am writing about my travel experience that I had after visiting the famous Southeast Asian country Bali in Indonesia. This travel story article is about my first trip to Bali that I can never forget.
What motivated me visiting Bali?
I read a lot about Bali, which is known as The Paradise Island of Indonesia and a world famous tourist destination. It was the month of January and my childhood friend Niki insisted me to plan the trip to visit this Southeast Asia’s Paradise Island. Niki and I are passionate backpackers and we love exploring and touring together. As the saying says, all’s well that ends well, our trip to Bali turned out to be the best exciting trip I ever imagined.
Bali is also known as Island of Paradise and Island of God. Niki further informed me that Bali has everything to give what a backpacker looks. Bali got everything to mesmerize your travel experience. It has phenomenal golden beaches, natural beauties, and historic temples. Moreover, there are active volcanoes surrounding the entire island. This island falls under The Ring of Pacific Fire. I heard about The Ring of Pacific Fire but never imagined that I would be lucky to make a visit there with a trip to Bali.
How we reached Bali?
Well, what next, we need to book our flights, pack our bags and execute our travel plan. So, we both were on to our work for it, first in looking around the airlines. Our friend “Google” is always on 24/7 jobs to reply back with any search query with regards to Bali. We made our journey plan and itinerary well ahead. Denpasar International Airport is Bali’s most popular airport very well connected with all airlines across the globe. However, there are few adjoining airports, but we booked our flights for Denpasar, Bali. Indonesian government offers a free visa on arrival to tourist visiting Bali. Citizens of 169 countries are offered visa-free entry to Bali. Luckily we are from a country that falls in the list so there was no worry to get a visa before boarding. Finally, we packed our bags and were on board to visit the most happening tourist spot in Southeast Asia also known as the Island of the God, which is Bali.
Currency we used during our Trip to Bali
We already researched a lot about Bali that it has mesmerizing beaches, stunning landscape, active volcanoes, cultural heritage with busy streets and relaxing retreats. Bali also has various famous temples along with unique cuisines that any tourist will love and enjoy. It was now time for us to witness all these beauties of this Island Paradise with our own eyes. One important thing I forgot to share with all you on the currency used in Bali. Rupiah is the currency of Bali and 1 USD is approximately 15,000 Indonesian Rupiah. It was pretty cheap for us as we calculated on a daily basis our expense should not go above 50 USD during our trip to Bali.
The Journey from Airport and the Hotel We Stayed
Finally, we arrived at our most awaited destination and landed at the Denpasar Airport, Bali. Both of us got excited to move out and enjoy everything that we searched over the internet about Bali. From the airport itself, we got a feeling that we have stepped into a place that is rich with cultural heritage and nice people all around. We booked our hotel as ADI DHARMA PALACE which is located on the famous tourist spot Kuta and the world famous Kuta beach is a walk over from the Hotel. After immigration clearance, we came outside the airport and found our name written on the board. The chauffeur from Adi Dharma Palace hotel was waiting there to receive us, so it was a warm welcome from the first instance as we stepped out.
Our driver Anantha drove us all along the roads explaining about Bali’s tradition, culture, beaches, food and all that we are about to enjoy in the coming seven days. He turned the car to the beachside road which leads towards our hotel. The moment we saw the roaring sea across the Kuta beach, we could not resist ourselves from stepping out of the car. We saw some amazing scenic beauty that we never imagined before. The atmosphere near the Kuta beach area was really amazing. There was a cool breeze blowing around with the roaring sound of the waves. Both of us forgot we were here after an overnight journey. Our first impression was stunning, and we know we were going to have a basing holiday blast at Bali that will make it an exciting trip to Bali.
As soon as we reached the ADI DHARMA PALACE Hotel, we received a warm welcome from the staffs. We already booked the pool facing rooms where we reached in no time to get fresh. As a token to greet the hotel gave us unlimited pool access with drinks, this was like adding extra topping on your Pizza. Nevertheless, when we are in a party mood, everything counts. We came out ready moving on ahead with our exploring Bali plan. One thing was clear that Bali got so many things to see explore and enjoy, it requires at least a week’s time. We were lucky we had that plan prepared in advance.
The First Lovely Evening: Temple Tour and Jimbaran Seafood Dinner
That day evening our first spot was ULUWATU TEMPLE, popularly known as the sea temple. It is a designed architecture on the edge of the sea. Other than scenic beauty, it has various spots ideal for Photography. The most interesting part about this visit was the sunset “KECAK fire dance” which was splendid. Words can’t express the beauty of this dance and I would request everyone to visit Bali, at least once in your life and see this dance depicting Bali’s culture and it tells everything about Bali. There is an open amphitheatre where hundreds of tourists sit together and watched this amazing and splendid dance drama show performed by the local Balinese artists.
We moved ahead with our day’s plan to enjoy the seafood dinner, and the best place for that was Jimbaran. We ordered live and fresh seafood to be cooked in Balinese style. The uniqueness lies in their Barbeque style as they do the barbeque over coconut husks, not on charcoal. The entire area has hundreds of restaurants by the seaside, with an amazing breeze that will make your mind sing along. The spices used are all homemade having divine taste. We also tasted “ARAK”, an amazing drink served on a coconut shell, which Bali’s local people drink. The taste is divine. We came back and fell flat on our beds and we slept long until next morning. This made both of us feel fresh, and we were charged up for the remaining days explore Bali Plan.
The Adventure Continued: Things to See and Eat
We already jotted down all the top places that people love to tour and visit in Bali. They are The Kuta Beach, The Kintamani Volcano, Ubud Monkey Forest, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, Tanah Lot Temple, Uluwatu Temple, Besakih Temple (The Mother Temple), Bajra Sandi Monument and Bali Museum. Some unique attractions that we planned to visit include, The Mount Batur, Famous Bali Safari and Marine Park, The Butterfly Park and The amazing 3D Art Museum. By now we already covered the Uluwatu Temple visit and Kuta Beach for a few hours. It’s time to explore the remaining areas of attraction. One important thing to remember is the use of “SARONG” that is a piece of cloth to be worn while entering any Temple in Bali as a part of their religious culture.
Among all the attractions, we enjoyed the most at the Bali Safari and Marine Park doing Jungle Safari and enjoying sunset view at the world famous Tanah Lot Temple. There are thousands of pictures available over the internet for the breathtaking views from Tanah Lot, yet, what we saw with our own eyes is a million dollar unforgettable memory. During our visit, we also tasted Bali’s most popular cuisine, NASI GORENG and world famous unique beverage, LUWAK coffee. Excited to know what are these? I will write another article on Top Unique cuisines to taste in Bali, as they are special and I have special memories attached, can’t express it with few sentences.
Summary of this exciting trip to Bali
Our Bali trip ended with stunning memories that would cherish for long with us. It was indeed an exciting trip to Bali with lots of learning, excitement and intake to enrich my knowledge basket. Bali inspired us and we decided to visit the entire famous Asia’s and Southeast Asian tourist destination one after another. Actually, we did visit all over these years. I will be back with more travel stories about all these enriched travel experiences. My upcoming travel blog articles will be related to these, so keep reading!