Qantas Airlines One of the Worlds Most Luxurious Flights
Qantas Airlines One of the Worlds Most Luxurious Flights

World’s Richest Airlines: How to travel luxuriously around the world?


Well, I’m sure you’ve decided to travel around the world, and that’s really exciting! Is it me – ‘Loney Stone’ who’ve inspired you? Lol! I’ll be happier if that’s the case. However, you know who is the key maker.

If it’s me, I’ll feel excited as I’ll believe that you must’ve read my e-book – how to travel around the world for free or how to earn money and travel or any of my destination guide. Humm, probable answers could be yes and no, but it’s for sure that you’ve learned how to travel cheap after reading my blogs, e-books, and articles.

Now, the hack is, what if sometimes you feel like traveling luxuriously like enjoying a havoc five-star treatment? Hey! Don’t think I’m talking about staying in any luxurious hotel. I’ll be writing about a luxurious flying experience.

Yup, you hear that correct! It’s a luxurious flying experience. Of course, you need to know which are the airlines, how much is the budget and why so luxurious. Feeling curious is evident, and I’ll make you feel excited too, how?


Keep reading as it’s all about my little secrets that I’m sharing with you through my blogs. 


The first step is deciding on the destination where you’ve planned to visit. Great! It’s frozen, now look around for airlines, but this time, let’s explore the World’s Richest Airlines. So, what do you think a productive airline can offer you?

Luxurious services, excellent flying experience, world-class amenities, and even flying spa and shower! Hey! I’m not kidding, it’s there, and I’m going to tell you about them.

It’s like a dream on the air coming true once you fly with these airlines. Don’t worry, thinking about where you’ll get so much wealth. Keep following me and reading my blogs as sooner I’m going to start a section on earn money online as a digital nomad that’ll take you and your skills to the next level.

Now, let’s learn more about these world’s richest airlines and the luxurious experience you’ll be having while flying with them.


Quantas Airlines, Australia

Australia’s Qantas Airlines is a well-known airline and, of course, listed among the prestigious class. Do you know, Qantas is the world’s third oldest Airline and Australia’s largest airlines. Had I traveled once in this airline and my experience? Well, you’ve to visit yourself as the luxurious treatment they offer was above my expectations.

Well, in a word, it’s awe-inspiring. You’ll now ask me where I was traveling that time, correct? Keep an eye on my upcoming blog space, and you’ll learn what I did in Australia. Ohh, the trip to Australia was a treasure-trove memory in my life.


Garuda Airlines, Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia Airlines among the world’s wealthiest airlines
Garuda Indonesia Airlines among the world’s wealthiest airlines

Ahh, I love Indonesia, and you know why? It’s for my dream destination Bali, Paradise Island. I’ll shortly write a Destination guide on Bali to tell all of you the magical experiences you can enjoy out there. But, to make your experience luxurious, it’s great if you travel by one of the luxurious five-star airlines, and that’s what Garuda stands for. It’s not only ranking among the world’s wealthiest airlines but, it also carries over twenty-five million passengers each year. So, imagine how you’ll feel once you travel by Garuda Airlines.


Eva Air, Taiwan

Eva Air of Taiwan Eva Air already won several star-status awards and ranked as a 5 Star Airline
Eva Air of Taiwan Eva Air already won several star-status awards and ranked as a 5 Star Airline

Some of you are aware of Eva Air, I’m sure you’ll. They are Taiwan’s second-largest Airline and a big name in the Aviation Industry. Eva Air already won several star-status awards and ranked as a 5 Star Airlines. It was indeed a marvelous experience for me to book this flight once I’ve been to Taiwan. So, do try flying with Eva Air too.


There’re a few other airlines, and if I remember their names correctly, they are – ANA All Nippon Airways, and Emirates. All of them are having huge fights connecting various destinations globally. I’m sure you’ll love flying with them, and I’ll insist, do that at least once in your lifetime.


For now, it’s your ‘Lonely Stone’ signing off and to be back with another interesting article.