While traveling can be one of the greatest opportunities, it can also turn into a disaster really quickly if you don’t make the right preparations and have the right expectations. Here are several reasons why you should consider additional insurance coverage while traveling.

Get Your Money Back

Often, according to Visa First, it seems like bad things can happen at the worst times. For example, a flight might get canceled because of bad weather. A tour agency might go out of business five days before your trip. You might get the flu the night before you leave. Or, a global pandemic might close travel—who knows?! In the case of such events, you will want to make sure that you can get your money back. Most flights, hotels, cruise lines, etc. give you the option to purchase travel cancellation insurance for only a slight increase in cost. Don’t bank on the universe doing exactly what you want it to—so get insurance for your trip!

Be Protected in the Case of Accidents

Having an accident in a foreign country can be very costly, especially if it necessitates medical care. So, before you travel, it will be essential that you get emergency medical assistance coverage. Such coverage can help you pay for expensive hospital bills, as well as, in extreme circumstances, an emergency flight back home or to another country with better medical care. You may want to seek legal help as well. According to Rogers Beltran, a lawyer can help you navigate complex accident cases in which you are seriously injured. If you are going to a high-risk country or plan to do high-risk activities, it will be even more critical that you get emergency medical insurance.

Lost or Stolen Baggage

When traveling between countries—or even within the country—your baggage has the potential to get lost or damaged. Furthermore, in countries with higher levels of corruption, items may even get stolen from your luggage during the trip. Even if you do not have valuables inside, this can really throw a wrench in your travel plans. To protect your belongings, according to FluentU, you should consider getting baggage insurance, which is also called personal effects insurance. That way, you won’t have to worry about replacing hundreds of dollars of belongings and ruining your vacation.

Traveling to new places is a very enriching, exciting thing to do. So don’t wreck your trip by failing to insure your belongings and your trip itself. If you ever have questions about insurance or other legal implications of travel, talk to your local insurance agency, travel agency, or lawyer.

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