Atlantic City was a favorite destination for travelers long before New Jersey legalized gambling, but now tourists can have a beach vacation that is combined with the glitz and lights of the shows and entertainment. That’s not easy to find elsewhere. Here are some reasons why you must put Atlantic City on your list of destinations to visit.

The Casinos

Atlantic City was one of the first places in the United States to allow for legalized slot machines and table gambling. The beach area features numerous casinos all within walking distance of each other. In fact, there are nine different casinos from which to choose. They cater to both budget-conscious gamblers and high rollers alike. Not only do these casinos offer gambling, but each has a full lineup of entertainment, featuring concerts and athletic events. Atlantic City is a prime destination for many of the top musical acts.

The Boardwalk

People have been coming to Atlantic City since 1870 and enjoying the boardwalk. On a pleasant afternoon, you’ll love the beautiful view. There is always something happening on the boardwalk in Atlantic City. It runs alongside the beach for four miles within the city limits. Here, you will find nearly all of the casinos and a number of amusement parks such as Steel Pier. You’ll also find many places to grab a bite, and they run from the more traditional to the wild. The Boardwalk has the carnival atmosphere that people associate with a shore vacation. You may also enjoy the many shops that sell local souvenirs.

The Food

Each casino has its own buffet that is a tourist attraction in itself. Recently, casinos have upgraded their dining experiences to partner with some of the top chefs in the country. You can also find “old school” establishments in the city that have been around for what feels like forever. For example, Dino’s Subs and Pizza Shop has been serving up beachside lunches for decades. Of course, nobody can take a trip to the beach without partaking in the doughnuts and the saltwater taffy. If you pack on too many calories at the buffets and restaurants, you can always enjoy a nice summer run on the Boardwalk.


There is more than enough to see and do in Atlantic City to fill an entire vacation. The area is especially popular during the summer, but it doesn’t even need to be beach weather to have fun in this town.