Why Angkor Wat in Cambodia is a hot-spot attraction? 


Angkor Wat Cambodias Crown Jewel
Angkor Wat Cambodias Crown Jewel

Hello, my lovely readers! I welcome you to this blog. I’m sure reading this article together will be an exciting journey; why? Well, in my bucket list, there’s another exciting destination full of fascinating historical artifacts. Any guesses? It’s Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a stunning hot-spot attraction, and pulls visitors like a magnet from around the world.

Indeed, there’s a lot I can speak about the stunning travel destination, Cambodia, but I’ll stick around one particular attraction, and that’s the Angkor Wat temple. Yes, it’s one of those ancient temples that’d mesmerized me, and I got curious too to learn about the enriched historical past.

Cool! I’ll not beat around the bush and move on straight to the point, haha! 

Angkor Wat Cambodia View from the Sky
Angkor Wat Cambodia View from the Sky

When I visited Cambodia for the first time, I was overwhelmed and excited too! I appointed a travel guide, and he took me to a tour of this incredible attraction, the Angkor Wat. He’s the one narrating me the enriched history of this place, and I’d locked them safely in my travel memories. Yes, I’ll be pulling them out now and share with my readers.

Once you stand in front of the Angkor Wat temple, it’ll remind you about the Khmer temples’ glorious history. Indeed, it’s the country’s highest religious site attracting millions of tourists each year.

You’ll be thrilled to visit this site as it houses over seventy ancient temples of different dimensions. Indeed, I’ve spent around three days to explore the maximum. I’d heard people saying, if you don’t study these temples and leave Cambodia, you’ll miss out something amazing. A tour to Angkor is one of the most recommended tours and activities to book once you’re there.

You must know what makes Angkor Wat a unique attraction in Cambodia. Well, it’s a 12th-century Buddhist temple and surrounded by tons of historical ruins sites. You can’t explore the area in one day, and that’s why I took around three days to marvel around this place. How’s my experience? Well, it’s something that I can’t express by writing, and you’ve to visit and experience it.

Furthermore, I’ll say that you’ll find spectacular temples and other classic attractions that’ll keep you speechless. You can access tranquil beaches and enjoy your holiday in an excellent cultural atmosphere. If you’re a Thrillist visiting this city, you’ll be happy too! Yes, you can want incredible water sports like swimming and take a safari ride.

I’m sure you must be making your next travel plan. You can include Cambodia on the list as it’s COVID safe and an incredible place full of fascinating historical facts. So, don’t you visit and find out what makes Angkor Wat a hot-spot attraction in Cambodia.

I’m sure you’ll love this place and will come up with exciting travel stories. I’ll be waiting for them.

So, for now, it’s Tada from Lonely Stone! Yes, it’s me, haha!