Imagine your future self, sitting on the side of the highway next to your damaged car. What do you do? Who do you call? Where can you find the help that you need? Before finding yourself in this unfortunate situation, educate yourself with the following advice. Then, you will know when you should call a lawyer after an accident on the road.

Hit and Run

You are driving down the highway, listening to classic 80’s jams on the radio when—all of a sudden—someone rams into your car, leaving damage. But, instead of pulling over and taking care of the problem the civil way, the car zooms off into the distance. What do you do?

First, try recording as much information as you can see or remember. While the ideal situation is to take a picture of the car or license plate, you may not get the chance to do so. But do you remember the make or color of the car? Maybe the look of the driver inside the vehicle? Then, according to Safety Insurance, you should call the police and inform them of the incident. Lastly, you will want to contact a lawyer and your insurance company to make sure you receive rightful restitution.

When You Get Large Hospital Bills

If you find yourself paying a large hospital bill after an accident and it was somebody else’s fault, you should call a lawyer. After all, in these sorts of incidents, those at fault and their insurance company is obligated to pay for your medical bills. However, often due to the complexity of the situation in regard to finding fault and billing insurance companies, you will need to call your lawyer. It’s worth the process—nobody wants a stack of large hospital bills they aren’t responsible for.

The Adjuster Assigns You Fault

Unfortunately, the ones responsible for assigning fault and monetary responsibility are the insurance companies. Adjusters assign fault by determining the proportion of culpability for every person or group involved in an accident.

While you hope that the adjusters will get it right the first time, there is plenty of room for error. If the insurance adjuster points the blame at you, you need a lawyer. A lawyer knows best how to help you maneuver through these tough situations. According to Bruscato Law, you generally have one year from the day of the accident to file a lawsuit—so don’t delay!

Sooner Rather than Later

Depending on where you live, each state carries a statute of limitations designed to set restrictions on when and how you can file a claim. While many states allow for filing during a two-year span after the accident, others can be shorter. Research your home state’s statute of limitations—you never know when life may throw a curveball and you will want to know how long you would have to file a claim.

For this reason, if you do find yourself in an unprecedented situation, you will want to call your lawyer as soon as possible. Especially in the case of injury, time passes quickly, and you never know what obstacles may arise during the filing process.

Case of Injury

If you are in especially dire circumstances and need treatment—whether psychological or physical—after an accident that was not your fault, you should seek a lawyer’s help to mitigate hospital bills, psychological care costs, and other costs associated with loss of ability to work or manage daily tasks. Furthermore, it is usually a bad idea to go alone into a court case—especially when you are suffering physical or mental trauma.

While it may be stressful trying to find the right lawyer, you will thank yourself when you find a professional attorney who can defend you properly and who has experience with these sorts of situations. It will always be worth the effort—energy wise and monetarily.

When Proving Liability is Difficult

Usually, accidents caused by obvious fault are easier to lawfully settle. But what about accidents where it is either difficult to prove fault, or where it is unclear who was at fault? Sometimes, according to The Zebra, these things can be hard to determine. In these types of situations, a lawyer is just what you need. Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable to whatever the involved insurance companies decide, get yourself a lawyer who will navigate the situation better and release you from unwarranted responsibility.

No one likes finding themselves a victim of an unfortunate automobile situation, especially if it results in injury to self or loved ones, or a damaged car. However, if you remember this advice for the future, you will be better prepared to make it through potential catastrophes and end up on top.

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