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Paris France, Fashion Clothing in Paris!

What to Wear in Paris?


We all tend to pack day and night before an exciting trip. But has the packing turned into a nightmare because Paris is the destination? And are you confused about what to take and what not to? If this is the dilemma you are going through then I am out here for your rescue.

Paris as we all know is the fashion capital of the world. Therefore, as a traveler, you should definitely pay keen attention to the attire you put on. Here is a small guide about what you wear in Paris for all seasons. 


The Spring Attire

If you are planning to visit Paris during spring, then keep in mind that this is the most confusing season in this side of the world. It is sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy. However, you should wear dresses that will make you feel comfortable in this season.

For instance, you can pair your ankle boots with a comfortable pant. Wear a tee shirt beneath a woolen sweater. On the other hand, you can even wear a trench coat, which is very common in Paris and carry a light umbrella.

»   Tip number 1

Carry 5 to 6 pairs of jeans and don’t forget you take thick socks. These kinds of stuff act like lifesavers.


The Summer Attire

“Stay Simple, Be Comfortable.” Summers are very suffocating in Paris, so if you desire to wear something that is skinny, then this might be a bad choice. Go for nice tee shirts and comfortable blouses. Always be mindful about color on summers, as bright color will give you a hard day.

Switch to skirts rather than jeans. However, the skirt must not be very tight as it will lead to discomfort while walking. A hat is very important during summer in Paris, it will keep your face protected from the scorching sun. Do not forget to take your sunglasses too.

»   Tip number 2

Be mindful about the cloth fabric that you choose. Fabric like polyesters are non-breathable and they will make you sweat more and that will lead to bad odor.


The Autumn Attire

If you want to spend your vacation in Paris during the autumn day, then you are surely going to have a nice time. It is the most beautiful time of the year in Paris. The streets are filled the yellow leaves and the atmosphere seems enchanting. Despite this beauty, the sky remains gray which it is a matter of concern. It can sometimes be comfy warm and sometimes be really rainy. Therefore, pack both light sweaters and coats.

At this time of the year in Paris, you can be a bit experimental and try on trendy outfits. Such as loose tee shirts with jeans and trendy waterproof shoes. Do not forget about your scarfs  and try ongoing for bold colors like black and gray.

»   Tip number 3

Try some dark colored dresses rather than going for light and faded colors.


The Winter Attire

You will not witness snow in Paris but the winters are pretty cold. In this cold, you need to layer up yourself with a lot of clothes. Try on wearing buttoned-up shirts beneath the heavy woolen sweaters and above that a long thick coat.

You should definitely go for knee-length coats firstly because of the very cold weather and secondly, it will make you look elegant. Accessories like scarfs and gloves are very important in this season. The pompom scarfs are now a trendy thing in Paris, so buy yourself one and be a part of this trend.

When it comes to feet, thick and fat sock and long leather boots are very necessary. Rather than picking up any other color, you can go for black or brown while wearing boots on winters.

»   Tip number 4

Rather than wrapping yourself with layers and layers of cloths try thermal underwear. You will feel light and stuffing yourself with thick and uncomfortable tee shirts beneath your sweater will not bother you much.

As you have come so far reading about what to wear in Paris, let’s us now dive into the do’s and don’ts in Paris about clothing.


•   Say yes to simplicity. Dress up classy but don’t overdo it at all. When you are in Paris keep your attire simple but elegant.

•   Wear flats. As long as you are comfortable you can relish every moment. Go on for shoes that are comfortable such as loafers or derbies. You can even use sneakers but do not go for flashy colors.

•   Say yes to neutral colors. Neutral colors can never go wrong and especially in Paris. You can sometimes get appreciated for the choice of your colors too. Rather than choosing a vibrant green or yellow go for gray or black.



•   So say no to workout outfits. Don’t go for workout outfits when you are in Paris. The Parisian do not wear these kinds of attire and if you do then there are high possibilities of facing discomfort. Who on a strange land would want to face uneasy moments?

•   Forget about heels. Paris is a walkable city and the tourist attractions in Paris is not so far away from each other. Therefore, if you set out for exploring the city heel can be a painful situation. You definitely won’t want to spoil your trip for the sake of your heels.

•   Keep away the flashy clothes. As Paris is the fashion capital of the world, the Parisians are very concern about what they wear and how. Moreover, if you want to be as classy as them then keep you flashy colored clothes at home. These clothes are eye catchy but not classy.

It is not always hard to pack for Paris. Yes, it’s a place where you need to be conscious of your selections of attire. Whereas I hope that my advice has helped you come out of your dilemma. Traveling is all about fun and so is exploring the lifestyle of your destination. However, you can be a little Parisian in Paris.


Bon Voyage!!!