What to do when you are locked down and can’t travel?


Hey readers! I can feel your situation, in case you’re living in one of those countries where there’s a complete Lock-down! Well, it’s not a situation to rejoice, celebrate, or plan a weekend gateway. That’s correct!


Whether you’re living in Europe’s hot-spot tourist destinations, in the USA, or other parts of the world, the coronavirus pandemic situation locked all of us.

What Life is Like with Coronavirus lockdown!
What Life is Like with Coronavirus lockdown!

I agree that you’re in a locked-down situation, working from home and staying at home.


But what about your mind? Did you equally lock it too? 

If you’ve done so, break it up and set yourself free! Why? In this article, I’ll be discussing some new hacks that you can do when you are locked down and can’t travel.

Are you thrilled to know them? Of course, you’ll be! 

But, have you browsed my blog and came across the page titled as How to travel the world for free? Hey! Some of you must be reading my blogs everyday. As I’ve written tons of travel articles until today, It’s evident for you to miss one particular topic.

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Now, you must be thinking why you’ll do that? Well, have you imagined how the world will be after a few months from today, why? There’s an ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and let’s admit that! Since it’s over, you’ll find a steep rise in the ticket prices for flights, railways, hotels, and every medium those you can’t bypass to explore the world.

Don’t worry! I’ve got a solution to tackle this unforeseen upcoming challenge, and you don’t have to give up your dream to travel too. That’s great, huh! But what’s that?

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Now, let’s discuss what to do when you are locked down and can’t travel? 

Being Locked down during this Critical Time!
Being Locked down during this Critical Time!

Well, you can do tons of things, and most of them will be extremely helpful for you in due course of time.

What do I do? Lol! 

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Although Coronavirus is a threat, I’m considering Lockdown as an opportunity to explore the areas which I wouldn’t have done earlier. I opened up and freed my mind as my mind is not Lock Down!


What about you? I’ll advise you to be more creative and re-invent yourself! 

It’s a disguised opportunity, so grab the best out of it!