Thailand, Take your selfie with a Tiger
Thailand, Take your selfie with a Tiger! Very memorable moment!

Unbelievable experience at the Tiger Kingdom, Phuket


Backpacking Phuket is the most adventurous and thrilling experience for any backpacker travelling to Southeast Asia. This is the top beach and diving destination in Thailand. There are a large number of stunning islands surrounding Phuket. Tourists travel there and spend a thrilling and exciting day participating in adventure watersports, snorkelling, swimming, discovering the underwater hidden secrets, mesmerizing beaches and many such exciting activities. Among all these activities, there is a hidden wonderland where you must visit during your Phuket backpacking. You know what it is? It is the Tiger Kingdom where you meet free roaming tigers.

I visited the Tiger Kingdom during my third visit to Phuket. Prior to visiting, I heard many stories about this amazing place, a spectacular wonder to the world. You might be wandering around as if what is so spectacular, right? Some of you even might be thinking that “Tigers, I have seen many Tigers in Zoos, its available everywhere.” I was also one among you with bubbling thoughts until I stepped into this wonderful world where tigers and humans live together. Still sounding strange right? Let me tell you more about this extraordinary experience that I had during my Phuket Backpacking.

Interesting facts about the Tiger Kingdom, Phuket:

1.  Spread across an area of four acres near THE PATONG HILL.

2. It has over sixty varieties of tamed tigers.

3. These Tigers are brought up since birth.

4. Tigers are kept open without any chain or barrier.

5. You can touch and play with the Tigers.


What is the most unbelievable experience inside the Tiger Kingdom?

Once I saw frightened parents running and shouting when a small kid tried to get near to a tiger cage. That was my intake and worldwide in any zoo if we visit, we can find tigers either inside the case or we are put in a caged van on for a Jungle Safari ride. Can you even dare to think of taking SELFIE with a Tiger? Yes, it might sound strange and surprising, but it’s true. At the Tiger Kingdom Phuket, you can actually take a SELFIE with Tigers and get closer to them like never before. You can see tigers closely, touch them and hug them. Play with their long tails or even take them on your shoulder and take unimaginable pictures. All of this excitement and thrill is available only at the Tiger Kingdom Phuket.

How do we spend the day?

I spend a gorgeous day inside the Tiger Kingdom along with my family during my backpacking Phuket. After entering the park we went to the reception where we completed the necessary paperwork formalities. The park is a home of tigers with different sizes like there are large, medium, small and smallest. Adults over 18 years of age are allowed to enter and enjoy all activities, photo shooting with large tigers. The smallest size tigers are generally for the kids, but parents must go with kids while entering the cage. There are very strict rules and decorum required to be followed before meeting the tiger personally inside their cage. I remember signing a self-declaration form and give our belongings outside to be kept inside the locker. Cameras are allowed, but be very careful to turn off the flashlights as animals react on flashing lights.

We entered the tiger cage and holding the tiger in different poses we took many incredible pictures. A professional photographer was available there to take such amazing photos. Today those are the most valuable assets of my life. We spend a considerable amount of time and enjoyed to the fullest. We felt hungry and went to have some quick bite at the Bengal Restaurant located inside the park area. To maximize our surprise and an additional to the thrill, we enjoyed our food watching the roaming tiger as the restaurant has a view of that.


Final Verdict

I feel like to keep on writing about our thrilling experience to meet and greet a real tiger is a way that one may imagine only in dreams. We made the dream come true. In case, you ever had a dream where you are playing with a tiger, don’t ignore it. In real life after visiting the Tiger Kingdom, Phuket your dream is definitely going to come true.