Norway, Driving over the Storseisundet Bridge on the Atlantic Ocean Road must go on your Norway bucket list.
Norway, Driving over the Storseisundet Bridge on the Atlantic Ocean Road must go on your Norway bucket list.

Two Most Incredible and Adventurous Places of Norway


What can be more fascinating than an island filled with polar bears? Svalbard islands of Norway is titled as “the realm of the polar bear”. Svalbard means “cold coast” and the name of this archipelago was broached in the Icelandic texts in the 12th century.

It is an enthralling destination that has attracted a massive number of traveler over the past years. It is a Norwegian group of islands that are located in the Arctic Ocean. Interestingly, it is halfway amid the North Pole and Norway. Svalbard is the home to many ancient mining towns, rich wildlife, and the arctic nature. Svalbard has been certified as a Sustainable Destination for tourism.

Around 3000 people reside on the islands, wherein 2000 of the inhabitants live in Longyearbyen which is the administrative center and the others in the small settlements. In comparison to humans, there are a few thousand polar bears in Svalbard. Over the years this petite and vibrate communities has transformed from a village town to a modern community.


Norway and Svalbard is a Breath taking place to Stay and Visit!
Norway and Svalbard is a Breath taking place to Stay and Visit!

Now Svalbard has a number of industries and different kinds of business. Not only this small community has developed a commercial background but it has even flourished in the sector of culture. There is a vivid range of cultural activities that take place in this part of the country. Some of them are shows, concerts, exhibitions as well as festivals.


Svalbard islands of Norway is well known for it’s arctic cuisine and tourist love indulging themselves in the aroma of the food. There are numerous restaurants where you can eat and drink, whereas it even maintains higher standards. It is very surprising that a small community like Svalbard has such a wide range of restaurants. On the other hand, Svalbard even has a local brewery as well.


While moving on to the climate of Svalbard, this archipelago experiences a mild climate in comparison to the areas that fall under the same latitude. The average temperature of Longyearbyen varies from 6˚C in summers to -14˚C in winters. If you are planning to visit this freezing land, then be aware that the only way to travel to Svalbard is by plane.


The major activities of this archipelago were trapping and whaling but this is now being restricted due to the principles of sustainability. Moreover, the Svalbard islands of Norway even encompasses natural parks, numerous natural reserves, and bird sanctuaries. However, two third of Svalbard’s land is protected to safeguard the impacts that occur due to tourism.


Svalbard is a sumptuous archipelago that you should visit once in a lifetime. This place might have many restrictions but the winsome view of the wide icy landscape is worth a lifetime experience. It will surely be a magical experience to witness the sunrays falling on the icebergs and the outburst of vibrant colors. So, set out on your quest to the land that is the realm of the polar bears.


Forsand, Norway Preikestolen, Lysefjorden, Once on top you can see a very Beautiful Veiw
Forsand, Norway Preikestolen, Lysefjorden, Once on top you can see a very Beautiful Veiw

Preikestolen, a place in Norway where fearless hearts find their joy. Preikestolen is also known by the name “The Pulpit Rock” and it is one of the famous tourist attraction of Norway. The most expected scenario that you will commonly find in this spot is people perching on the edges of the massive granite rock formation.


This enormous cliff is 604 meters above the Lysefjord and which makes it one of the most remarkable sights of the country. The pulpit rock is a flat plateau which is approximately 25 by 25 meters. The flat shape of the majestic mountain plateau is still a mystery. On the other hand, some regional people state that the flat shape is due to the expansion of ice that has taken place 100,000 years ago.


Norway Pulpit Rock, A Must when Traveling to Norway!
Norway Pulpit Rock, A Must when Traveling to Norway!

The view from the top is spectacular and this makes many tourists long for visiting Preikestolen over and over again. When you are at the peak of the cliff you can see all the way to the Lysebotn that is at the end of the Lysefjord. If you are brave enough try to lie upside down and goggle the happening that are occurring hundreds of feet down.


However, long before 1900, the name of this plateau was Hyvlatånnå and it was a prominent landmark for the travelers of Lysefjord. In the year 1900, a tourist decided to trek towards the top of this plateau and Preikestolen was thus discovered.


But this discovery would not be possible if Thomas Peter Randulff did not show his enthusiasm. He was a gymnast and on this voyage to the Lysefjord, he spotted a rock formation that looked like a pulpit. He then decided to get to the mountain and this marked the discovery of Preikestolen.


After the discovery, in the year 1949, Stavanger Trekking Association built a lodge for the tourist to easily explore the area.


Hiking in Preikestolen is one of the most adventuresome activities here. The starting point of the hike is parking of the Preikestolen Mountain Lodge. On the way to your destination, you will come across a slightly hilly terrain that has an altitude of 350 meters.


The main objective of the hike for most tourists is to acquire the majestic view of Lysefjord. It not only ends here, but there are also spots where you can click some marvelous picture and there are even a number of resting areas where you can stop by and relax.


Never the less, hiking in Preikeston is not apt for all the seasons and during the winters this activity remains closed. The best time to hike is autumn.


Preikestolen is a natural attraction in the of Norway. A huge number of tourists sets off to admire this beauty and are always left mesmerized. This sumptuous place is for the people who can endeavor taking challenges and if you are one of them then go ahead.


The pulpit rock has never disappointed its tourist and it won’t even disappoint you as well. So pack your bags and set your steps towards the most challenging natural attraction on Norway.