In this time of uncertainty, many people have had to put spring and possibly summer vacations on hold. But, just because you can’t travel right now doesn’t mean you can’t still plan future trips. This is the perfect time to plan a road trip, starting with these three tips.

Research Your Destination

Although spontaneous road trips can be a lot of fun, a well-planned trip will help you to make the most of a vacation on the road. Research the best routes and the most interesting roadside spots ahead of time with travel articles, vacation guides, and blogs. If you’re starting your research with a search engine, make sure to use specific phrases. Instead of searching for “vacation,” use keywords like “historical sites,” “hiking trails,” or “unique roadside attractions.”

Also, use this time to search for hotel discounts and destination coupons. Many discount sites group similar experiences, so you may be able to find multiple discounts for various types of attractions. Find a local tourism website, as it may be able to send you unique offers tailored to your own interests.

Make Sure Your License and Registration Are Up to Date

Don’t find yourself on the wrong side of the law once you are on the road. Police can check license plate numbers, so it’s a good idea to make sure yours is current. With modern law enforcement databases and radar guns, police have an arsenal of technology to help them track down lapsed registration information. About a month before your trip, make sure to check the expiration date on your driver’s license and car registration. You’ll also want to check your insurance coverage and confirm that any additional drivers also have an up-to-date license.

Check Your Car Before You Go

Road trips are no fun if your adventure is suddenly interrupted by car trouble. To avoid a dangerous or costly problem while on the road, make sure you have your vehicle looked at by a mechanic before you leave. Check your fluid levels, lights, brake system, and tires about a week before your trip. Consider an oil change, and make sure that you have extra windshield wiper fluid and coolant on hand. You’ll also want to make sure you have a spare tire and jack or at the very least a can of aerosol Fix-a-Flat.

Put yourself on the path toward a perfect vacation by using this time to research and prepare for your next great adventure. With these tips, you’ll be more than ready to go on a future road trip.