BHANGARH FORT, INDIA, Said to be One of the most Haunted Fort in India
BHANGARH FORT, INDIA, Said to be One of the most Haunted Fort in India. Image of Bhangarh fort in India.



Our world is full of mysterious things. There are many mysterious buildings, houses, palaces and castles all over the world. To some people, it is an area of immense interest to travel and visit these places and uncover the truth. Others may ignore these as a myth or mythology or rumors. I consider myself lucky visiting and explore one such mysterious places during my travel to India. The uniqueness of this place is its mythological story and locals claim this to be THE MOST HAUNTED PLACE IN INDIA. This is THE BHANGARH FORT at the ALWAR DISTRICT OF RAJASTHAN, India. In this article, I am going to brief you about that mysterious experience I had during my TRAVEL TO INDIA FOR A TRIP TO BHANGARH FORT.

The state of Rajasthan in India is considered mythological having the largest number of forts and historical remains. BHANGARH FORT is one such fort which locals claim to the most haunted fort. Near to the fort, there are signs of dangers marked. State government prohibited entry to this fort before sunrise and after sunset. I was exploring the forts in India when I came to know about this mysterious place and immediately planned a visit there.

The interesting thing is, when I reached the fort, I found historians and travelers from around the world came to visit this fort. However, as mentioned earlier, no one dares to visit at night. During the daytime, under the sun and clear skies, this fort looks great. There is, however, no scientific evidence as of why this is called the Haunted Fort. Few people say it’s just a story, and few say it’s only a state of mind as there is nothing in this world as haunted. You will find local guides, and they are the best resource to tell you about the mythological story of this fort. Our guide narrated a short story which I am sharing now with all of you.

Our guide narrated a story about the beautiful Princess RATNAVATI living in this fort. She was killed in a mysterious way, and it was believed by the local people that her spirit remained lock inside the fort castles. The interesting part is the entire area near to the fort is completely desolated even today. The nearest town is around 90 KM drive from the Fort. It was also believed by the locals that anyone visiting this fort after sunset is never found to return back, alive. I don’t have that legacy to visit in the evening. That was my first visit and I listened to what our tour guide said, while I was enjoying the beauty of this iconic historical monument under the sun. However, I am brave and once in my lifetime, I would definitely visit this haunted fort after Sunset but with state government permissions.

The fort is however beautiful and an iconic symbol of historical importance. There are beautiful gardens, living rooms, banyan trees and temples inside the fort. An ancient ruined wall surrounds the fort. There is also a ruined building and no one knows exactly what happens and why such a beautiful fort was ruined? That mystery is still unsolved and turned this fort as one of the topmost places where curious tourist visit from all over the world.

I am daring to visit THE BHANGARH FORT during the night on my next travel to India, what about you?