Brazil-Fernando-De-Noronha s the most relaxing and beautiful place on earth.
Brazil-Fernando-De-Noronha s the most relaxing and beautiful place on earth.

Traveling to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil Travel Guide


Fernando de Noronha is the most relaxing and beautiful place on earth. It is a massive green land with yellow beaches which is located on the North Coast of Brazil. It is a great getaway for travelers who loves the beach and want to spend a sumptuous time wearing the most beautiful beachwear.

Apart from that this place is even accompanied by sleepy villages and gorgeous marine life. Here is the complete guide to Fernando de Noronha.


Things You Will Find in This Guide

1.   How to get there?

2.   Best time to visit

3.   How to get around?

 4.  Things to do

5.   Where to stay?

6.   Where to eat?


1.  How to Get There?

Fernando de Noronha is located in the northeast region of Brazil. You will find short flights from Natal and Recife. The travelers do not spend more than a week on this island because of it expensive when it comes to food, accommodation, and drinks compared to the other cities in Brazil.

This island is large and if you plan on exploring it on foot then it isn’t a good idea. However, apart from flights you can even head towards this island by bus as well.


2.  Best Time to Visit Fernando De Noronha

There is no best or worst time to visit Fernando de Noronha as the temperature does not vary much. Not only we state this perhaps it is also been stated in the Guinness Book of World Records. This island is never cooler than 18o C or never hotter than 30o C.

However, most travelers avoid visiting this island from May to August due to the rainy season. Therefore, it is the off-peak season. On the other hand, travelers from different parts of the world especially Europe visit during April because the ocean remains calm during this time and this is the perfect month for diving.

You will never find this place overcrowded because the government of Brazil only allows 500 people a day to visit this island.


3.  How to Get Around?


Unlike any other places in Brazil taxi in Fernando de Noronha works on fixed rates. The taxi fare may vary from 20-45 BRL depending upon the destination. There is no haggling issue. It is the perfect mode of transport for visitors who loves to travel in comfort.



The bus is the only public transportation that runs from one end of the city to another. it is the cheapest mode of transportation. If you are a budget-friendly traveler then buses are the best option for you. you will find buses every 30 to 40 minutes from 7 am to 11 pm.



Renting a buggy is for fun lovers. If you want to make your itinerary to Fernando de Noronha more interesting and memorable then you should surely go for this mode of transportation on this beautiful island. A rental buggy will cost you around 250 BRL.


4.  Things to See and Do


See Dolphins

The most intriguing part about Fernando de Noronha is that you will find the highest concentration of dolphins in the warm water of this island. However, for the best experience of dolphins watching, you will have to the Bay of Dolphins. Meanwhile, this area is within the National Marine Park premises. Therefore, you will have to walk along the cliffside to get the final view.


Visiting the Shark Museum

It is a small museum on the northern side of the island. If you are someone who loves to explore marine life then visiting Shark Museum a perfect idea. You will be acquainted with overwhelming information about the shark kingdom and even about whale sharks.


Explore Praia Do Sancho

This beach is the finest example of tropical beaches. It does not have any fancy setting like deckchairs, beach bars, and showers. However, the location is tricky to reach as you will have to climb down the ladder through a deep cleft. Due to this reason, the beach is awarded as the Best Beach in Brazil. It is even a very good place for afternoon chilling and doesn’t forget to pack your swimsuit because this beach is the perfect location for it.


Go on Hiking

There are plenty of deserted beaches in Fernando de Noronha. You will find some between the cliffs, caves, and hills. The incredible view is worth exploring if you are having got your hiking boots. The most famous hiking route in Fernando de Noronha is Praia do Leao as it grants a splendid view of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach. Perhaps, if you are searching for an excellent activity then you should give hiking a shot.


5.  Where to Stay?

When it comes to accommodation in Fernando de Noronha the count is around 70 and most of them are basic ones. There are just a handful of options when it comes to luxurious hotels.

Moreover, these luxurious hotels are far from the actual port. On the other hand, most of the inexpensive hotels are located in the north region of the island. It is an interesting fact that the southern region of Fernando de Noronha is still untouched.

Some of the best places to stay:

          •     Pousada Maravilha

          •     Pousada Del Mares

          •     Triboju


6.  Where to Eat?

Fernando de Noronha is the best place to find traditional Brazilian cuisine and seafood in Brazil. However, in the northern part of the island, many high-class restaurants will serve you the best food.

But most of the places on this island is expensive therefore, the best idea for budget travelers is to eating food at the hotel or to eat supermarket brought food. However, if you want to taste the authentic Brazilian food then you can eat out in the following places.


          •     Pico

          •     Restaurante Varanda

          •     Mergulhao