Traveling During COVID-19


We live in a world right now which has turned out to be a little scary. We have been caught by an unseen enemy that is hard to fight. Perhaps, we are in an uncertain time whereas the one weapon that can aid us is cleanliness. Anyways, you might be thinking as if why are we talking about a topic that is everywhere, and what does COVID-19 has to do with traveling?

Yes, we know that you have been hearing and experiencing the effects of COVID-19 around you. But we are merely aware of its relation with traveling. All we know is that there are travel bans and the travel experiences won’t be as before.

Perhaps, this blog is not about the travel ban and restrictions rather it is about the bright side. We are aware that the Corona Virus is going to stay a bit longer with us and we have to deal with it rather smartly.

Therefore, we are here with a blog that will help in dealing with COVID and traveling at the same time. However, by the end of this blog, you will even come across an interesting and safe way of traveling. So, keep reading until the end.

Here we go!!


Stay Clean While Traveling

Stay Clean while you Travel!
Stay Clean while you Travel!

Everyone loves traveling and that is surely for good reasons. But from the very next time, we need to travel maintaining a good level of hygiene. The only thing that can save us from the Corona Virus is cleanliness and that is stated by the World Health Organization. Therefore, it is very crucial to stay hygienic and careful.

Here is a list of things to do while traveling during this pandemic

        ♦ Wash Your Hands: Soap and water is a life savior now. Wash your hand            for 20 seconds and you are good to go. However, if you do not find soap and          water then you can use alcohol-based hand rub as well.

        ♦ Stop Touching Your Face:   The virus enters our body through eyes, ears,          and nose. So, try not to touch them.

        ♦ Avoid Crowd: The more people you are in physical contact with, the more          is the chance of getting infected. However, in this case, we would                            recommend  you to book airport transfers rather than opting for other                      options.  Aura Journeys is one of the best Luxury Airport Transfer in the UK            which you can book for yourself.

        ♦ Maintain 6 Feet Distance:   Maintaining a 6 feet distance is vital in these            times. While traveling, the person next to you might be the one who is                      carrying the virus and you both are unaware. In this case, there is a high                possibility of you getting infected. Therefore, if you want to communicate with          someone then maintain a distance of 6 feet.


Ways to Make Travel Easier

Planning is the key to reduce discomfort while traveling. However, it is now more important than ever to travel with planning. This time you cannot just pack your bags and head to the destination rather you will have to monitor your every step.

Here are the ways you can make traveling easier:

        ♦ To Book Airport Transfers:  Booking private transport will provide you the          advantage of skipping crowded buses and staying a long time at the airport.            On the other hand, airport transfers are a safer option in making your journey          smooth as butter.

        ♦ Keep an Eye on The Weather Forecast:  Harsh weather can change the            whole course of your journey. Whereas, you need to dress appropriately and          make sure that you have chosen the right transportation that can handle the            weather.

        ♦ Bring Entertainment:  A long trip can be boring unless you are traveling              with your family or friends. Thanks to modern technology that you do not                have  to do much in order to be occupied as you will find infinity amounts of            entertainment right at your fingertips.  Moreover, for non-stop entertainment            keep your devices fully charged. On the other hand, you can even carry a                book as books are amazing companions during lonely times.

        ♦ Carry Food and Water: Times have changed and so do the ways of                    traveling. During this pandemic, it is better to carry homemade food and                  bottled water rather than heading on to any restaurant. Whereas, you cannot          have a pleasant journey if you are thirsty and hungry. The best option to                  satisfy hunger during itineraries is a protein bar.


Reasons to Book Airport Transfers

We have come across this term many times in this blog so let us explore it in-depth and its significance while traveling. Private Airport Transfers can significantly improve your travel experience. Having booked an Airport Transfer means you will have a private vehicle and a chauffeur.

Moreover, you do not have the stress out about hiring a taxi or taking a bus to your ultimate destination. Nevertheless, there are many other reasons to book private airport transfers as well.


It Is Affordable

Affordability is one of the reasons for booking an Airport transfer. In the beginning, it might seem that it’s too expensive and posh way to travel but you should first check out for its advantages. On the other hand, you will save money while you travel by Airport Transfers compared to public transportation while you are traveling with your family.


Peace of Mind

Mostly you will have to book in advance and that will provide you a sense of assurance. So, if you have had a change in the plan then there is nothing to worry as your request will be answered by them at any time.

Moreover, Aura Journeys even has normal taxi services as well therefore, if you want to travel around your destination without any hassle then you can easily do that. On the other hand, normal taxis will have hidden costs and charges attached to them but this isn’t the case with Private Airport Transfers.



Comfort is an important aspect of traveling during the time of this pandemic. Whereas, while you are traveling with your family then there is nothing better than Private Airport Transfers. They are flexible and their services are adaptable to your needs.

Meanwhile, on a normal itinerary, you might need a guide to help you explore the destination but with Private Airport Transfers, you will have an experienced Chauffeur who can help you by suggesting places to visit.

These are the reasons to book a private airport transfer. However, they professionally handle your affairs. Whereas, with the help of airport transfers you can slightly sketch your whole itinerary. We all have had times when we roam around a place hopelessly due to lack of planning but this won’t be the case if you manage to book airport transfers. It is not just comfortable rather it will make your journey well planned and executed.


Who Provides First-Class Transportation?

We have reached the end of our blog and as promised we are here with the safest and interesting way of traveling. If you are planning for an itinerary to the UK then the first-class airport transfer is Aura Journeys. They are the luxury airport transfers in the UK and that is surely for some best reasons.

Firstly, Aura Journeys have excellent services and you are free to choose any service that suits your need. They also have modern vehicles like Mercedes Benz with onboard facilities. You will find a Wi-Fi connection and that the reason you won’t feel bored. They even provide a water bottle and wipes as well. Perhaps, you will even find hand sanitizer and which is quite a necessity during this COVID-19 situation. Along with these facilities they even have the best chauffeurs who will be at your service whenever you need them.

With Aura Journeys you can comfortably travel with 2 to 7 members and no doubt it will be a sumptuous journey as their name suggests. Therefore, if you are someone who is planning to head to the UK after the government lifts travel bans then consider Aura Journeys as your reliable companion.