India's Kuda Malleshwara Temple, These Temples are worth seeing!
India KADU MALLESHW Temple. This is a Hindu temple build in the 17th-century A.D. and is located in the state of Bengaluru, India.

Top Mysterious Temples in India


here is no doubt that India is a land of cultural heritage and religious elegance. When it comes to history and historic architecture, India ranks as one among the top ten in the world. Here all around the year tourists, historians, archaeologists and backpackers visit to uncover the secrets of many historic realms that stay unsolved until today. We have time and again noted unusual things happening around us where Science doesn’t have an explanation. In our universe, we have many mysterious things like “The Black Hole” where scientific theory fails to prove exactly what it is. There are few mysterious temples present in India which is even today a mystery to this world. I always loved to visit places where I can find something unique. My friend living in India invited me once to take me through a few of the Indian temples that remain a wonder to this world. The proposal was nice, and I prepared myself to be there immediately. During this trip to India, I had a lot of travelling as I visited different Indian states to see all these mysterious temples. In this article, I am sharing my journey and experiences about those top mysterious temples in India that actually exists.



This is a Hindu temple build in the 17th-century A.D. and is located in the state of Bengaluru, India. This temple is dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva who is a symbol of power. According to Hindu Mythology, Shiva used to travel riding on a Bull. We took a guide who narrated a mysterious story that during 1997 just opposite to this temple some construction work was going on. During excavation, a small black stone was sited buried beneath the ground. When they dig further, they discovered a small statue of Bull or “Nandi” named as per Hindu Mythology. The mysterious thing is, from the mouth of this “Nandi” clean running water was coming out continuously. The world and archaeologists are unaware of the source of this falling water, and it remains a mystery until today. It was true indeed when I saw it with my own eyes. However hard to believe, I locked this astonishing incident inside my travel memories forever.


India LEPAKSHI TEMPLE is worth seeing and is ancient!


To visit THE LEPAKSHI TEMPLE, I had to travel to the ANANTAPUR district of Andhra Pradesh. It was a long but pleasurable journey indeed as for the first time in my life, I travelled by Indian Railways. On reaching the temple I was wondered and surprised looking at the crowd gathering around a pillar. People were shouting and calling it “THE HANGING PILLAR”. It was indeed, as out of all the seventy pillars supporting this gigantic temple one pillar is unfixed to the ground. No one knows until today how such a big, heavy pillar is hanging on the air. The mystery remains as it is and I have only photographs to identify and recall my visit to this mysterious temple in India.


India, Brihadeeswarar Temple An Example of Dravidean Architecture
India, Brihadeeswarar Temple An Example of Dravidean Architecture


To visit this temple, I travelled to THANJAVUR IN TAMILNADU, India. I was spell-bound with the beauty of this temple as the entire temple was built in pure granite and over 1000 years old. When I asked our tour guide that what the mystery is, he explained that up to sixty kilometers of the surrounding area no granite can be found. Our guide continued pointing at the apex part of the temple. This part was made out of a particular stone whose weight should be around eighty tons. I asked the guide, what is the real mystery? His answer was, since there is no nearby source to get granite until today, how in the ancient past this gigantic stone was brought and then mounted on the top at a height of 220 ft. Moreover, in that primitive time machines like cranes, rope cars and escalators were unavailable, so how it was done? The question remains unsolved until today. The wonder and Mystery, however, doesn’t end up here. Our guide explained that This Temple didn’t cast any Shadow because of the perfection in its geometric construction. I was spellbound to believe that 1000 years ago science was so much advanced?



It was indeed a short trip to India, but I decided to come back as my experience was thrilling. I know there were more to be explored and one visit would not be enough. I am making my backpacking India plan soon, what are you thinking?