Hong Kongs Hot Pot
Hong Kong’s Hot Pot Is one of Hong Kong’s Best Cuisine

Top Unique Cuisines to taste in Hong Kong

Do you know that Hong Kong is a paradise for food lovers? There is a mixed population living in Hong Kong which in return developed a multi-dimensional cuisine hub. During my Hong Kong Trip, I tasted a wide variety of diversified dishes starting from salads until the main course. Food is another point of attractions that has attracted tourists to Hong Kong. It is certain that your trip will remain incomplete in case you did not taste the top unique cuisines to taste in Hong Kong.


Dim Sum

Hong Kong Image of Dim Sum one of Hong Kong’s Cuisines

I am fond of Chinese cuisines and tasted Dim Sum in one of the local restaurants. However, I kept it noted that when I will be going to Hong Kong, I will certainly taste the authentic Dim Sum. This is such a popular cuisine that every traveller would definitely love to take a bite of it. The steamed Shrimp dumplings are known as “ha gao” are divine in taste. They give a unique sauce as a dip, and I really don’t know how they prepare it as the sweet, salty and spicy taste will stay in your mouth for several hours. If you are not fond of shrimp, no worries, there is Dim Sum with meat, chicken and vegetable as well. All over Hong Kong, there are shops selling Dim Sum, so grab a place and drink Chinese tea along with it as a beverage. I guarantee you to remember the taste forever as these are one among the top unique cuisines to taste in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Congee is another Cuisine Dish
One of Hong Kong’s Cuisine Dish. Image of Congee

Are you fond of rice porridge? Maybe you tasted in your home, like me but the Congee that the local people of Hong Kong eat has a unique taste. I say people grabbing a bowl of Congee at any part of the day to fill their appetite. No wonder, I grabbed my cup as well. The unique part of this cuisine is basically their method used in the preparation. Actually, they cook this rice soup adding fish stock as a base. This gives this dish a divine taste. You can find various vegetables like spring onion, ginger, mushrooms, eggs and minced pork added to it. The taste was so divine that I sipped up almost two bowls of Congee and happy to taste this top unique cuisine in Hong Kong.

Egg Tarts

Hong Kong Image of Egg Tarts
Hong Kong Egg Tarts Another Cuisine

The king of Hong Kong pastries is egg tarts. This is a unique cuisine available here and it’s a must recommended dish to taste. Already, Hong Kong buns and cakes are world famous. Egg Tarts is one among the Unique Cuisines to taste in Hong Kong which is a bakery product. When I tasted it, I found it a sweet with a pinch of salt inside, a mouth-watering taste and an ideal dessert after lunch or dinner. The preparation process is simple where they fill the crust of the pastry shell with a mixture of whipped egg whites and egg custard. It is then baked in the oven until it is soft and fluffy. Locally people call this amazing pastry as “Daan – Taat.”

Mango Pudding

Hong Kong mango_pudding is the King of Fruits
Hong Kong mango_pudding is the King of Fruits

Mango is the king of fruits, but I never realized that in Southeast Asia, I am going to taste a sweet dish prepared with Mango with an unforgettable taste. They call it mango Pudding. The dish looks simple as there is a creamy jelly having fresh mango cubes inside. I really don’t know how this recipe is prepared, but, I grabbed a cup of mango pudding almost every day during my Hong Kong visit. I said to myself, better to enjoy the taste for some recipe, rather digging on how it’s prepared. Your trip would be incomplete in case you miss out this unique cuisine to taste in Hong Kong. I bet, this dessert is unavailable elsewhere.

Hot Pot

Hong Kongs Hot Pot
Hong Kong’s Hot Pot Is one of Hong Kong’s Best Cuisine

One thing I learned by now after I am back from my Southeast Asia trip that there are many delicious and healthy food other than the fried chicken or hamburgers. It would be worthwhile to mention that Chinese and Japanese people are health conscious. They are food lovers too. To balance both, all the cuisines you will find across these places are unique not only in taste but they are equally packed up with nutrients. Hot Pot is one of them. It is basically a cooking method where a soup stock is prepared with various ingredients and set to boil. Generally, this boiling pot is kept at the centre of the table surrounded by raw fish, meat or vegetables. The concept is whatever you want to eat, just put inside the boiling broth and let it cook to ooze out its juices. Now take out your favourite item out from the pot and eat it as it is, or dip in any of the Chinese sauces to enjoy.


After coming back from my Hong Kong trip, I learned to cook a few of the Chinese cuisines which I cook and enjoyed during weekends. It is possible only because I tasted Top Unique Cuisines during my Hong Kong visit. What is your food travel story? Comment me below.