Bali, Indonesia is One of the Best Cuisines Around! Image of Bali

Top Unique cuisines to taste in Bali

Hello readers, I am back today with an interesting topic Top Unique Cuisines to taste in Bali. I am sure you loved my travel story in the previous article Trip to Bali :

 In this article, I am going to talk about the Top Unique Cuisines to taste in Bali. I explore continents all around the world, not only to see things but to taste as well. I travelled and explored half of the continent and picked up the unique cuisines which locals eat. I believe your travel plan will remain incomplete if you forget to taste those unique cuisines of that place which locals love to eat. During my Bali visit, it was of no exception and the list of the Top Unique Cuisines which I tasted during my Bali visit was long. I am therefore curious to share with all of you, what are the Top Unique Cuisines to taste in Bali?

I don’t know from where to start, as I found dozens of amazing dishes that gave sensation to my taste buds. However, few of my best picks are below and these cuisines I ended up eating every day and someday even twice. The aroma is sensational and they taste divine. Trust me, as I am writing I am watering inside my mouth through the memory of my remembrances.



I give credit and say “God Bless” to Anantha who took me to a coffee plantation garden on our way back from the Monkey Forest, UBUD. (Link the Trip to Bali articles). I asked Anantha, what is so special in this coffee? His answer shocked and surprised me, both. He told that this coffee is prepared from the poop of a cat-like animal, known as Civet. I don’t know how to react at that point but sat silently to see the production system with my own eyes. The beauty of this coffee production is it is done all in the traditional way, the roasting part. The civet cat eats the raw coffee beans and destroys its acidic nature. Once its poops it out, these digested beans are taken, dry roasted and grounded to prepare hot, brewing Luwak Kopi. You may believe me or not, the moment I had the first sip of the coffee, it tasted divine. I can even rate the taste of this coffee better than we taste with a Starbucks coffee. There are varieties of flavours available for you to choose and taste. In Bali, a cup of hot brewing Luwak Kopi is only 4 USD, so never miss this unique cuisine to taste in Bali.
Bali, Indonesia is One of the Best Cuisines Around! Image of Bali


I tasted this famous Indonesian street food at ADI DHARMA PALACE. They prepared this recipe for their breakfast menu during the second day of my stay. Initially, it looked to me as normal fried rice, but it is not. This extraordinary Indonesian fried rice is prepared with an amazing combination of honey and sweet chilli sauce. This combination brings up such a delightful taste, and you can never stop eating. The rice is prepared with lots of vegetable and chicken or meat. Two chicken saté skewers are served along with the rice, few rice crackers, and a small part of the salad and on top of the rice, there is a fried egg. The uniqueness about this recipe lies in the spices mix that is prepared by the local Balinese people and is definitely among the Top Unique Cuisines to taste in Bali. It is also a budget-friendly cuisine and costs about 2 USD for one portion in any local restaurant.



This is Bali’s traditional drink is prepared with fermented white rice and coconut palm. You may name it as a cocktail drink or white rice wine. This is definitely among the Top Unique Cuisines to taste in Bali. I tasted Arak along with my seafood dinner at Jimbaran. Here they serve this drink elegantly inside a coconut. I was sipping the drink and enjoying the cold wind of the Jimbaran beach and I don’t have words to express my feelings. The only word of caution is to have this drink from the top or renowned restaurants. Jimbaran is the best place I guess, as you can order Arak along with your seafood diver and the total package costs only 50 USD.


Now I am feeling hungry and my mouth is watering. Unfortunately, I can’t get any of these Top Unique Cuisines as it is only available in Bali. You may have hundreds of reason to re-visit Bali, but tasting the Top Unique Cuisines in Bali should be definitely one among them.