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Top Places to Visit in Turkey

Turkey, the land of history and scenic landscape. When I visit this mesmerizing place for the first time, I could feel the essence of Rumi’s poetry. . It was his poems that attracted me to this land. Turkey for thousand years has acted as the gateway between Asia and Europe.

The exchange of culture and a place of trade has crafted this place into a richly diverse nation. It is the landmark where east meets the west and this influence has a major impact on numerous things in Turkey. Starting from mouthwatering cuisine to picturesque landscapes as well as archeological sites to religious monuments has the perfect essence of this union.

As a traveler myself, I do a lot of research before heading to a place but little did I expect that Turkey had innumerable experiences stored for me. Traveling changes people so did Turkey had an impact on me.

But I am sure, that you have not only ended up here for the changes the trip has caused rather you are eager to know the place to visit. Here are some of the most mind-blowing place you must surely stop by on your trip in Turkey.

Let’s Go!!!


My first destination in Turkey was Istanbul. This gorgeous city holds two continents together at once. However, the continent border of this city is Bosphorus Strait which splits the city into halves. Istanbul is addressed as the center of country’s television and film industry.

I have come across film sets while I was exploring the city. This city is ancient than you think, it was the capital of Byzantine and the Ottoman Empire. These histories make this city rich and interesting than any other place in Turkey.

You should definitely visit the Ottoman Topkapi Palace and the underground Basilica Cistern. The labyrinthine mosaic in Hagia Sophia made my head spin in wonder. Moreover, when you are in Istanbul start your itineraries from the grand bazaar  and end it in the Blue Mosque to feel the serenity amid the bustling city.


The second largest city and the capital of Turkey. What I felt about Ankara is that it’s the small and quiet version of Istanbul. If you are into telenovelas then you should have heard the name, Kuzey Guney. Ankara is the homeland of Guney in Kuzey Guney.

It is one of my favorite shows and Guney was one of the reasons I wanted to visit this city. When I went further into the depths of this city I realize that it is more like a museum. Everything that I have read in my history books were in front of my eyes, starting from Ankara Citadel to ottoman houses. I could feel the scent of history running through the routes.

Do not forget to walk through the cobblestone alley and most importantly store

your memories by taking pictures beside the Ottoman houses. But end your trip in Ankara by a meal in the buzzing restaurants and cafes.


The Turkish writer Elif Shafak has made me fall in love with Konya and this is the sole reason for my longing for this amazing place. Konya is a romantic city, a city that belongs to the dreamers and poets. However, this city inspired Rumi to produce heartwarming poems in the 13th century.

My first stop was the Mevlana Museum  which contained the tomb of the poet. This place was beautifully decorated with roses and the pungent smell of these roses make the place more enchanting than it is. When you are in Konya be a tea person and head on to the Alaeddin Tepe park to sip a cup of tea, the taste of this you will cherish lifelong.

The Tile Museum and Museum of Wooden and Stone Carving are some of the finest attraction of this amorous city. If you are an art lover, then this place will grant you the experience of gala time here.


If you desire to rest beside the sea, then Antalya is the best option for you in Turkey. Antalya is a vast and vibrant city amid the splendid Turkish Riviera on the Mediterranean coastline. It is a popular city among tourist and has a great number of resorts, bars, hotels, and restaurants.

It is a wonderful spot to explore the underwater world and if you are not among the divers then there is nothing that you need to worry about. Here you will find several diving schools and first train yourself and then accomplish your dream of exploration.

It not only ends here, but you can also try out other adventurous stuffs such as sailing, mountain climbing, sightseeing, and swimming. This city by the coastline has something for everybody. Lastly, you can walk around the city’s past and view the Roman Gates, maze streets and the Clock Tower.


All I wanted to do in this part of the country was to lose myself in the history. This place in Turkey still speaks about the ancient times and it is Europe’s most classical metropolis. During the period of Roman Empire, Ephesus was the largest city and the Temple of Artemis was one among the seven wonders of the ancient world.

You can find the remains of the old Ephesus preserved in the archeological sites and this is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Turkey. If you keep exploring the attractions, you will even find yourself wandering around the Temple of Hadrian and the Celsus Library.

Turkey is a marvelous destination, where you can stay for weeks and even months without being bored. This country was a surprise to my senses and I still long to go there again. No matter how much time you offer to this land of beauty, it will always be less. So while you plan your trip for this incredible nation remember that jaw-dropping excitements and surprises are waiting for you.