Atlanta, Georgia
Top Places To Visit In Atlanta, Georgia USA. Image part of Atlanta!

Top Places to Visit in Atlanta

Jobs fill you pockets; adventure fills your life.
Travel to a place where you encounter tranquility in its every corner since traveling is to set your mind in peace. My journey could have started from any state of the USA but there was something about Atlanta that attracted me the most.
I was so awestruck to see that the South of America holds a treasure that has the finest blend of history and culture. The corners of this beautiful city are filled with art, and every turn has music in it. This winsome city will sometimes appear to you as an amusing storyteller and sometimes as a vibrate amuser.
Atlanta the capital of Georgia is located in the South of America. As art has many genres so does Atlanta has many names. You can address this big city as “City in The Forest” or “The Capital of the New South” and you can even call her as “The Rising Phoenix”.
In the past decade, Atlanta has turned into a major economic and cultural center. Many high-end businesses have established their headquarters in this southern city of America. The places in Atlanta will not only amaze you with their extravagance, never the less it will even charm you with plenty of things to see and do.

Here is a bucket list of places you need to visit while you are in Atlanta

Atlanta History Center
If you are a history lover as I am then this place will surely amaze you. The Atlanta History Center is a massive complex and consist of Atlanta History Museum, Centennial Olympic Games Museum, Smith Family Farm, the Kenan Research Center, and numerous historic garden.
People in Atlanta even refer to this historic house as a time travel machine. The Atlanta History center provides you the glimpse of occasions that had occurred from the 1860s to the 1920s. If you are an admirer of Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind, then you will find her essence her.
Starting from history to art this history center in Atlanta will take you to a different era and make you feel a completely new individual. Therefore, to indulge in the amalgam of history and art, visit Atlanta History Center once.
Address: 130 West Pace Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

The Fox Theatre
The next place that you should visit in Atlanta is The Fox Theatre. It was in the year 1920 that the Fox Theatre was built. It has a posh Arabian theme look to it. This particular place is not only a theatre but a historical landmark.
The most interesting part is that; the fox theatre has its name on the National Register of Historic Places. Therefore, if you want to encounter history in Atlanta then this place should surely be on your to-do list.
But don’t be disappointed if you are searching for entertainment in Fox, only have a strong grip on yourself because there is a diverse option when it comes to performances. Starting from operas to movies and ballet to rock concerts, you will find the fine taste of entertainment in Fox Theatre.
Address: 660 Peach Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Botanical Garden
If you believe that “Green Is Good” then you should definitely visit Atlanta Botanical Garden. The lovely space and majestic view laid out in this garden are extremely soothing to the eyes. This botanical garden is occupied by flower beds and trees that shape the urban landscape of Midtown Atlanta.
One of the interesting facts about this botanical garden is that it blooms all year long. Therefore, whenever you visit Atlanta you will find it cheerful with colors. But among all the seasons, spring is the one when you will experience a riot of colors.
You will even find a special garden area for your children. An elevated broad walk area is constructed for the visitor so that they can get a treetop view of the forest. But the view that you see will depend on the time of the year you plan to visit the garden. Never the less, the indoor gardens are always mesmerizing at any point of the year.
Address: 1345 Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia.

Georgia Aquarium
If marine life is something that makes you feel excited, then Georgia Aquarium is the perfect place for you to visit. It is the world’s largest aquarium; it incorporates more than 100,000 aquatic creatures. It is so surprising for the visitor that this aquarium is even housed whale sharks. It does not end here, you can even see albino alligators and even interact with the California sea lions.
This Georgia Aquarium will even satisfy your thirst for adventure. One of the unique facility offered by this aquarium in Atlanta is the opportunity to dive. Yes, you can now dive within the tank and the sharks will accompany you. But all you need to have is a SCUBA diving certificate to participate.
If you are not amongst the one to get wet then the aquarium also has an acrylic tunnel, through which you can pass peacefully and have a solemn view of fish swimming on all the sides.
Address: 225 Baker Street NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

Churchill Grounds
When it comes to entertainment filled spot then Churchill Grounds is an exclusive attraction for the cigar lovers. This place will entertain you with live music and concerts featuring the best talents in Atlanta.
Not only it ends here, but the bar and food menu of Churchill Ground offers a fulfilling experience for anyone who gets in. This cigar bar is an enrapturing place for anyone who is a lover of music and high-quality cigars.
All you need to do is get into Churchill Ground order a drink, wrap your lips around your cigar and indulge into the aura of spellbinding music.
Address: 660 West Peachtree Street, Northwest, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA.

Atlanta is one of the most diverse cities that I have visited. At every turn of the road, you will find culture budding out. It has made me realize that it is not the outward look that creates an impression about a place but it’s the history that defines a city. Not only did the places in Atlanta attract me but even the people. The friendly nature of the people of Atlanta for once made me forget that I was a stranger in a strange land.

These are the places where I would return from time to time because all that Atlanta has given me is tranquility. Therefore, if your next destination is “The Rising Phoenix” then don’t forget to give these places a try.