Image of the Beautiful City Singapore
Image of the Beautiful City Singapore

Top 10 Must-Buy Items in Singapore


Visiting Singapore and wondering where to go and what to buy? Then here we are with the best suggestion and solutions. It is very easy to feel lost in the beautiful island city with so many things to so and several products to indulge in.

But if you are feeling overwhelmed by this thought then there is nothing to worry about. This blog is the ultimate guide for what you should buy while you are in Singapore. Whereas, we present to you the top 10 must-buy items in Singapore.

Here you go!!!


Singapore Fashion Footwear

One can never have too many shoes and this statement is completely understandable. We won’t judge you in this matter. Perhaps, while you are in Singapore all that you can do is add more to your collection. There are many local shoe brands with the best quality products in Singapore. Therefore, this is why Singapore Fashion Footwear tops our list of items.

On the other hand, we even have the finest brands that you should check out as well. Whereas, do not forget about heading to “Gena”, “Emblem”, “Charles & Keith” and “ORSQ”. There are many other shoe brands as well in different shopping malls. So, you have a plethora of options to grab your best piece.


Bee Cheng Hiang

Bee Cheng Hiang is an Asia style foodstuff company. it especially produces foodstuffs that of Singaporean Cuisine. This company started as a small business in 1933 in Singapore and gradually developed as a giant business.

The Bee Cheng Hiang has around 250 retail outlets across nine territories namely China, Indonesia, Macau, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore. The best sale product of this company is Bakkwa.

It is a smoked and roasted piece of pork that is enjoyed by many locals and travelers all around the world. moreover, in the years 2003 and 2005 they have even introduced “Gourmet Bakkwa” and “Chili Gourmet Bakkwa”.


Bengawa Solo

Bengawa Solo it is an Indonesian bakery in Singapore which is well known for its famous Pandan Cake.
Bengawa Solo it is an Indonesian bakery in Singapore which is well known for its famous Pandan Cake.

If you are a cake lover and admire indulging in sweet dishes then Bengawa Solo has the best dish for you. it is an Indonesian bakery in Singapore which is well known for its famous Pandan Cake. This bakery has 38 outlets on the island and this bakery makes various buns, cakes, kueh, mooncakes and cookies.

Moreover, Bengawa was founded in the year 1979 and was set up in Marine Terrace. While you are in Singapore, you should buy Pandan Cake from Bengawa Solo. It is a very fluffy green color sponge cake which tastes as Pandanus Amaryllifolius leaves. It is a must-try and a must-buy item from every visitor.


Irvin’s Salted Egg Fish Skin Cracker

Next in our list is Salted Egg Fish Skin Crackers. This savory dish has created a storm in Singapore. You won’t find even a single person who hasn’t tried this. The travelers even fall in love with is snacks and tend to take back some packets with them while departure. The taste of this cracker is pretty much different from the others that you will find in the market.

Moreover, this cracker has the finest blend of fish skin and potato chips but the salted egg is what makes it profound. You should surely try and buy a pack of Irvin’s Salted Egg Fish Skin Cracker while you are enjoying your holidays in Singapore.


Yakun Kaya Spread

The Kaya Toast is the traditional Singaporean breakfast. If you are unaware of what Kaya Toast is then it is a toasted bread filled with butter and Kaya. Moreover, Kaya is a jam made of coconut milk, sugar, pandan leaves, and eggs.

On the other hand, this jam is even used as a topping for many desserts as well. You will find the kaya jam in any supermarket in Singapore. It is one of the most purchased items by travelers. However, you should try it out and grant your taste buds a new item to explore.



Another must-buy item is massage equipment by OSIM. Many tourists return to their lands with healthcare equipment from Singapore. One of the many reasons behind it is the cost and the other is availability.

OSIM is a healthcare industry that manufactures such equipment. However, OSIM also produces household appliances as well. This company was launched in the year 1993 and now has around 30 outlets in Singapore. On the other hand, it even has outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia too.


TWG (Luxury Tea Brand)

The Luxury Tea is yet another product that is most demanding in Singapore. The reason behind it is that tea is the lifeline of many people on this island in the morning. They can forget about having a good breakfast but it is nearly impossible for the Singaporeans to not have tea.

As a first-time traveler, you can even build this habit as well. However, TWG is a luxury tea brand that you will find in all the hotels in Singapore. The TWG has classified teas into colors like red, black, green, yellow and blue. The most expensive tea of all in the TWG brand is “Gold Yin Zhen”.


Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

Another must-buy item on our list is Bak Kut Teh. It is a pork rib cooked dish cooked in the broth which is very popular in Malaysia and Singapore. Interestingly the name of this dish means “meat bone tea”. However, it is a simple dish were simple herbs and spices are used to attain an extraordinary taste.

Song Fa is a company in Singapore that produces Bak Kut Teh spices and many people buy them to attain the right taste of the dish. The spices are packed in easy to use sachets. Moreover, you will only have to add garlic and ribs to get the finest output.


Prima Taste Laksa La Mian

What can be comfier than eating Instant Noodles? Yes, this is the be the best meal for any lazy lad and this is by Prime Taste Laksa La Mian is in demand. People all around Singapore are busy with their life and it sometimes becomes hard to cook.

But there is nothing to worry about as Prime Taste Laksa La Mian is a life savior. But as a traveler, you should try these instant noodles as it tastes extraordinary. Many tourists even state that it is better than any homemade noodles. So, do not forget to try and buy Prime Taste Laksa La Mian while you are in Singapore.


F.East Potato Chips

The name might sound weird to you but it has a meaning behind it. F.east means “Flavors of the East”. Isn’t it interesting? Yes, and so are the potato chips. These are not just any simple potato chips that you buy from the store but something out of the box.

You might have tried potato chips with chili or garlic seasoning but F.east has a different style of presenting their chips. There are several flavors and you can try them all on your itinerary. So, if you are hungry in Singapore then do not forget to try and buy the F.east Potato Chips.