10 Best Drinking Places in Singapore
10 Best Drinking Places in Singapore

Top 10 Drinking Places in Singapore


Nothing is compared with enjoying a drink in a sumptuous ambiance. It, of course, triples the taste of it and doubles our happiness. This is what you will feel while you land into one of the best drinking places in Singapore. This island is very famous among the travelers for its profound beauty, culture and friendly locals.

If you were not aware of its drinking ambiance then now is the best time to know about it from our blog. In this blog, we have encapsulated all the top 10 places where you can find the best drinks in Singapore. So, read till the end and make your list of places that you will visit the next time you head to the sumptuous island.


Holland Village

If you are a first-time visitor to Singapore then we would suggest Holland Village as your first drinking place. The name of this place might make you feel dubious but don’t freak out. You do not have to go to a completely new city in order to have some drinks.

However, it is actually a shopping and dining destination. Holland village is located between the planning area of Bukit Timah and Queenstown. It is in the central region of Singapore and it won’t be hard for you to find it out.

This place is well known for its eateries and beverages along with shopping malls as well. Moreover, this place is common amongst western expatriates.


Serangoon Gardens

If you have your relatives settled in Singapore then you might have surely heard about the Serangoon Gardens. don’t get confused as it is not a park as you might have guessed by the name but its a residential estate.

However, it is one of the oldest residential estates in Singapore. You might have heard about this place before because it is common where the western expatriates buy their lands. This place has a beautiful ambiance and along with that it even has some of the most intriguing drinking places too.

You can head to the “Brewlings” and it is good for cocktails, beers, and other drinks. You can even check out “Club 18”, “Tiamo Entertainment” and “O Plus Entertainment” as well for amazing drinks.


Punggol Settlement

It is a must-visit place for any foodie and we even encourage out drinking readers as well. Punggol Settlement is a project brought into existence by the Colonial Settlement LTD. Their main objective is to bring the past glory of Punggol into life again.

Moreover, in this notion, they have re-established this place with a new and advanced outlook. It is stated to be one of the most famous dining destinations of the island. On the other hand, there are many pubs and bars where you can hang out with your friends or even spend some leisure time too.

some of the best drinking places in Punggol Settlement are “the Kitchen Fusion and Bar”, “Izakaya 95”, and “Just the Place”.


Prinsep Street

It is a very popular place among youngsters. One of the prominent reasons is plenty of bars, cafes, and lounges. If you have a hard time finding out the street then the easy way to locate this is by finding out the Orchard Road area.

The best drinking places of the Prinsep Street are “Bar Stories”, “Tipple”, “Skinny’s Lounge”, “No.5” and “Bar Canary”.


Boat Quay

Yes, you are right it is by the harbor. Boat Quay is an old historical harbor in Singapore. It is situated in the mouth of the Singapore River and the southern bank. It is one of the busiest parts of the island so you might encounter entourage of visitors and locals in this place.

But if you head to Singapore during the offseason then the case might be a bit different. However, this place is not just a harbor but even a commercial zone. The Boat Quay is filled with shophouses, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

So, if you are in search of the best drinking place in this region then there is a plethora of options for you. “Public House”, “Vespetta Italian Gastro Bar”, “D Happy Factory” and “An Sam Cold Drink Stall” are some of the drinking places that you should surely visit.


Clarke Quay

After wandering around Boat Quay, you can then head to Clarke Quay which is located upstream from the mouth of Singapore River and Boat Quay. Both Quay is side by side so you can roam the shops, café, and restaurant on the same day.

This riverside harbor even holds historical importance as the prior quay. However, Clarke Quay is named after the second governor of Singapore who was an important person in the history of this beautiful island.

Apart from history, this quay is even famous amid visitors for the drinking places. The best drinking places out there are “Crazy Elephant”, “Shuffle Bistro Bar” and Mel. You should definitely check out these drinking places.


Emerald Hills

Take your time to stroll around the Emerald Hills as there are many terrace houses, shopping centers and cafes around this region. This place of Singapore will take you back to the old days and we are sure that you will even enjoy it as well.

Moreover, the houses in Emerald Hills are converted into cafes and bars in the last few years. It is due to the tourist flow and even for the reason of income as well. Many tourists even state that the Emerald Hills is the perfect and serene place to relish drinks.

The “Alley Bar”, “No.5 Emerald Hills Cocktail Bar” and “Ice Cold Beer” are some of the most visited drinking places by travelers.


Raffles Place

After roaming around some historical corners of this island now is the time for you to head to the urban side of Singapore and Raffle Place is one amongst them. It is the financial capital of Singapore and it is situated in the south of the Singapore River.

Raffle Place was first established in the 1820s as the commercial square. This is the sole reason behind the very tall building you will find here. Alongside, being the commercial hub, it is even a wonderful place to sit and enjoy drinks as well.

Although there are fewer outdoor drinking opportunities as Emerald Hills you will surely be fascinated by the bars and pubs with extensive décor. You should check out “The Secret Mermaid”, “Empire Sky Lounge” and “Altitude” in order to experience the best drinks in Singapore.



You might find a church-like building on Victoria street of Singapore but the most intriguing fact is that is not a church rather a shopping, dining and drinking center.

However, if the question of its church-like structures messes your brain then let is clarify that first. Chijmes was a Catholic Convent back in 1852. Then in the year 1996, it was transformed into a commercial complex for commercial purposes.

Apart from having beautiful shopping centers it is even well known among the locals and travelers for the drinking places. Some of the top drinking places are “Berlin Bar Chijmes”, “Prive Chijmes” and “The Single Cask Bar”.



Last in our list is Orto and this place is for the nature lovers. It is 555,000 square feet green location is the northern region of Singapore. Interestingly it is the first recreational park that is open 24 hours a day.

So, while you are in Singapore you will no longer have to worry about the time and head to a Sanctuary that is always open for you. alongside, being a beautiful place, it even offers its guests amazing foods and beverages.

Orto has some of the best drinking places that you should visit. “Hops and Berries” and “Quench! Bistro and Bar” are some of the most visited drinking destinations in Orto.

Here are the topmost drinking places that you should surely check out. we know that it is hard for you to make a list of your own about where you want to visit.

Therefore, it is our recommendation that visits all the places and has the best experience of drinking. Alongside this, also enjoy the beauty of the island and absorb the tranquility it offers to its admirers.

Happy Traveling…