Image of Ottawa Canada
Image of Ottawa Canada

Top 10 best places to eat in Canada in the best cities


If you are planning to visit Canada for the first time be happy because Canada is one of the loveliest place to visit in the world, the people are loving and there is so much to discover. One of the thing that you are going to love about Canada is their food. The Canadian food is super amazing and you need to know some of the best places that offer excellent food and phenomenal services in the best cities of Canada. Join me in this journey as we explore some of the best places to eat in Canada.


Royal Treasures Restaurant - Chinese restaurant in Ottawa
Royal Treasures Restaurant – Chinese restaurant in Ottawa

1. Royal treasures in Ottawa

This Chinese restaurant is definitely one of the best places to eat in Ottawa. The mouthwatering Asian dishes offered in this place is going to make you fall in love with Asian foods. Try their famous shrimp which is made of a combination of juicy shrimp which is further topped with an amazing and delicious sauce. There is no way that you are not going to love the food offered by royal treasures, make it your top choice of best place to eat when you are in Ottawa.


Pub Italia of Ottawa, Canada
Pub Italia of Ottawa, Canada

2. Thattimanderson Pub Italia

You will definitely love this place and everything about it. One of the top reasons why most people love this place is because of their excellent food which is accompanied by excellent beer. The beer which is mostly imported is among the best thing that females absolutely love about the pub. Even if your partner don’t like beer he or she will find the beer in from this pub amazing and she will be surprised by how much fun beer can bring. Be sure to enjoy some of the best pasta dishes in this pub in Ottawa.


3. Lilduonger Vietnam palace restaurant, Ottawa

There many places you can eat in Ottawa but this place never seems to run out of customers and that is obviously because of a good reason. The place is usually open in the business hours so if you are the kind of the guy who loves partying and finding foods in odd hours I feel sorry for you because you are going to miss out a lot. The food is nothing but great. This place offers a selection of meat with noodles or rice and I you like Vietnamese food then this is the perfect choice for you. You must eat from this place at least once before you leave Ottawa.


4. Madrina bar Y Tapas, Toronto

If you are in the capital then this is definitely a place you should consider eating from. The Spanish food offered in this place is going to make you fall in love with this place. You will get to taste the best steak tartare that you never had. The prices are affordable and the food is excellent. The vegetarians are not left out because this place is vegetarian friendly and you can be sure to find some of the best prepared food meant for vegetarians in this place. There are a lot of vegan options so it is just a matter of choice. Before you leave Toronto, make sure that you taste the best lobster prepared in this restaurant.


5. Saramouche restaurant pasta bar and grill, Toronto

This place always have customers flocking in and that is because it has excellent customer service and it offers some of the best foods Toronto if not in the whole of Canada. The lobster offered in this place is just excellent and the pasta from this place is simply the best. The restaurant is also vegan friendly and there are vegan options for you to choose so don’t feel left out if you are a vegetarian. My friend ate an oyster from this place and he said that that was the best oyster in the world. Try it out and confirm for yourself.


6. Alo restaurant, Toronto

Yet another amazing place for you to eat if you are in Toronto. You are definitely going to love everything about Alo restaurant. From the customer service to some of the best seafood in Toronto. Their mushroom is superb and the oysters are super amazing. Enjoy some beef, egg dishes, tuna, venison etc. There are plenty of foods you can eat from this place and they are all amazing. The restaurant is vegan friendly so you can be sure to get some of the best meals prepared for vegans.


7. Ruth’s Chris steak house, Niagara falls

For a fine and well prepared dinner be sure to visit this place before you leave Niagara Falls. The food is excellent and it is affordable. Their customer care is excellent and you can be sure to enjoy both Canadian and American food.


8. Silo restaurant, Niagara Falls

For the best local cuisine be sure to eat in this place before you leave Niagara Falls. You can be sure to get fast foods from this restaurant. People who have eaten from here were very satisfied with the food offered by this restaurant.


9. Queen Charlotte Tea Room, Niagara falls

This is actually one of the best restaurant to eat from when you are in Niagara Falls. Be sure to find excellent food even if you are a vegetarian because they are very vegetarian friendly and they offer a lot of vegan options. Enjoy some massage and spa after receiving an excellent meal.


10. Rosewood hotel Georgia in Vancouver

The comfort in this hotel can even make food which is not delicious, delicious. You will get to enjoy free Wi-Fi, heated water bathrooms, rainforest showers, spa etc. The menu in this hotel is inspired locally and the drinks are super amazing. You will love the excellent customer care and of course get to enjoy some of the best foods in Canada. If you are in Vancouver, make it your mission to eat from this hotel.