Main_Street_Tombstone, Arizona USA
Main Street of Tombstone, Arizona USA, Where The Iconic Shootout Took Place!

Tombstone Arizona

The town too tough to die
If your next destination is Tombstone Arizona, then do not forget to carry a cowboy hat with you. Yes, you heard me right, because only Tombstone Arizona can give you the true essence of Wild West. Pack your bags and set yourself for a black and white atmosphere where horse rides and gunshots are an everyday affair.
I was awestruck by the ancient scenic beauty of this place. On the other side what amazed me the most was the rusty and tough look of Tombstone Arizona.
Once you set your steps om Tombstone Arizona, it will welcome you with the clatter of wagon wheels and hooves. Not only this, but the land beneath your feet will be red and the wind that touches you will be rusty and harsh.
Wait!! Did you know that there are no bars in Tombstone? Absolutely true, there are no bars in Tombstone Arizona and there are no shiny vine glasses as well. But to brew your imagination there are a wooden tavern and huge mugs of beer for your refreshment. There are men beneath the huge cowboy hats and a bold thick mustache.
You have got me right; Tombstone is in the Wild West of America. It is not only the movies that portray you the rough and tough life of Wild West rather this amazing part of Arizona will take you deep into the complete illusion of cowboy life.
This old wild west town of Arizona was established by Ed Schieffelin in the year 1877. This establishment was not a wholesome one event, as he was threatened to find his grave in a barren land. But later nothing made him feel dishearten as what he found was more than he could have imagined. To some people of the Wild West, what he found was like finding “oasis in the desert”. But what did Mr. Schieffelin find?
Silver mine it was. This small town in Arizona had soon turned into a fully flourished land. In a matter of years, Tombstone was flourished with banks, churches brothels, and numerous saloons. Everything was at its peak before the most wicked gunfight had taken place.
The famous gunfight between the town folk and outlaws had changed the complete image of this Wild West town. “Gunfight at the OK Corral” was one of the iconic incidents that have its impact on people till the present time. This incident is still reminisced by everyone today in Tombstone and it is something they love sharing.
Today Tombstone offers the finest glimpse of history and the west wild culture. This town is Arizona is known as the last boomtowns of the American frontier. The Tombstone is now filled with museums and historical sites that tourist love to visit.
Indeed, Tombstone in Arizona is one of the popular destinations that tourist adore visiting. But if you are among those who cannot decide on what to discover in this Wild West town, then come with me while I take you to an interesting journey to the places you must visit. As little did I know that the visit to this small town in Arizona will turn me into a west wild culture addict
Here we GO!!

OK Corral
If you plan on visiting Tombstone and skip out OK Corral from your list, then that might be a worthless visit. Yes, such is the importance of OK Corral in visiting Tombstone. It is sometimes acknowledged by the tourist is the heart of this silver mining town.
Most of the Tombstone attraction is found here. It is here, that the gunfight of OK Corral has taken place. This fight is so memorable and best known among the people of Arizona that they still reenact it on daily basis. It was just a 30-second gunfight, but the interesting part was that these 30 seconds killed three people and wounded the other three.
During the 1880s, this gunfight did not affect the lives of many people to a great extent as Wild West of America was filled with these situations. But what made it so memorable among people was those 30 seconds.
Today, OK Corral is considered as one of the historical places and a hot spot for the tourist worldwide. It is being persevered and well maintained, whereas the dramatic shootout is done by actors for the entertainment of tourist.
Therefore, all you need to do is walk a short distance from the heart of the town and you will be able to encounter the gunfight at the OK Corral. But do not forget to put on your gigantic cowboy hat while you do so.
Address: 326 East Allen Street, 85638 Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park
If you think the Tombstone was all about disorder and murders, then you are terribly wrong. No matter how rusty, cruel and harsh the place might seem in the back 1880s, never the less it even had law and order. The Tombstone courthouse state historic park is the true evidence of it.
Do not forget that the 30 seconds gunfight was between lawmen and town folks so there was definitely a controller in this town of Wild West. This Tombstone courthouse was once administrative center. it is a two stored building with consisted of offices of the treasurer, sheriff, recorder and the board of supervisor.
Interestingly it even had a courtroom and a jail as well. This courthouse has a Victorian look and you can easily identify it when you have a look at the red bricks and the way it is assembled.
Later this place was announced as the state park in 1959. But don’t be disappointed because you can get the highlights and occurrences of this place in the museum that is situated in Tombstone. All you need to do is pay a visit and feel the essence of history lingering on the walls of this Tombstone courthouse.
Address: 223 East Toughnut Street, 85638 Tombstone, Arizona.

Boothill Graveyard
It’s the graveyard where the dead body finds rest but this is not the case when it comes to Boothill graveyard. This Boothill Graveyard of Tombstone was built in the year 1879 and it was the first cemetery in the town.
At first instance, the name surprised me a lot, but later I identified that there was a reason behind this captivating name. the Boothill graveyard had accursed its name in the year 1920s, it was in reference to those who have died with their boots on. Mainly they referred to those who died in the infamous gunfight. No matter where you set you to step on Tombstone you will definitely find the flavor of 30 seconds gunfight there.
On the other side, the cemetery faced ruination when the silver mining downturned. Due to the fall of the mining in the town, people decided to change settlements and gradually left the place which leads to Boothill graveyard to turn into ruins.
It is said by the locals that a mayor named John Clum had initiated the clean-up process of this cemetery. He once visited this cemetery where he had buried his wife, but he could not find the place and felt disheartened. He then felt that his wife was resting in a place where there was no peace.
Later Boothill graveyard was cleaned up and now people visit it to pay tribute to the dead people. do not forget to visit this ancient graveyard and before you visit, carry some flowers for the graves.
Address: 408 North Hwy 80, 85638 Tombstone, Arizona.

The Good Enough Mine Tour
When you visit Tombstone Arizona, it is truly easy to forget in sheer excitement what Tombstone was firstly well known for. Yes, you caught me right, the Wild West was well known for the silver mining. When you are done with the high-end gunfight aura of Tombstone you can then visit the good enough mine tours.
This place will give you the complete taste of what life was during the period of silver mining. This place is filled with adventures consisting of twisted passages, descended rope ladders that lead you to the narrow shafts. It’s not the end, deep down you will find subterranean air which will save you from the scorching heat of Arizona.
Don’t worry about finding the way out to the main alley as you will be guided by a knowledgeable guide. These guides have a thorough knowledge of the geography and history of the place. Rather all you need to care about is your helmet and the safety vest and enjoy your journey to the long forgotten past. Surely visit this location but do not forget to carry a water bottle with you.
Address: 435 East Toughnut Street, 58638 Tombstone, Arizona

Tombstone Arizona has a different past from other states of America. It is an incident that has created all the difference in this town. While you plan to visit this place, be prepared to encounter the aura of the 1880s. Tombstone Arizona seems different every time you visit, surely you won’t be getting the same taste as the first. For me, it was the finest blend of history and mystery at once. Therefore, I suggest you find your meaning of Tombstone the next time you visit. And hence, this is why people call it “The Town Too Tough to Die.”