Tips for traveling around during a Pandemic: How to Prepare Yourself?


Hey readers! It’s a Pandemic and “WHO declared it”, everyone around the globe is witnessing its consequences. It’s shattered all your travel plans, health, and even mental strength. Let’s accept these facts: why? I’ll tell you as it’ll give you enormous power to fight back;

The world can’t be running around similarly as it’s now. Although you’ve to put things temporarily on hold, there’re possible ways to travel around with substantial precautions. The reason is, you can’t put yourself under an indefinite lockdown situation; life has to become healthy.


Let me now highlight what’s going on with air travel. 

Well, it’s down across the globe. Furthermore, surprising data is advocating it. If you browse the Transportation Security Administration’s website, you’ll find shocking figures; it’s a sixty percentage degrowth in travel.

Well, as rightly said, it’s an uncertain time, but there’s an underlining opportunity. One way you can nurture your talents, focus on hobbies, and make your futuristic travel plans. Good News is, you can travel in case of emergency abiding by all preventive measures.

Travel Safety Tips During the Coronavirus
Travel Safety Tips During the Coronavirus


Let’s see what those essential tips for traveling around during a Pandemic are and how to prepare yourself; for the best, of course!


Step#1: Carry a small pocket sanitizer bottle along with you

Hand sanitizer is essential to carry while we’re traveling around. But, make sure the bottle you’re buying comes with a label of having more than 75% alcohol in it. Yes, it’s a mandatory standard that’ll keep you safe and germ-free. But, there’s a restriction to it. You can only carry a bottle with a capacity of only 12 ounces. Also, make sure you sanitize your hands every half an hour while traveling. That way, you can keep yourself and the others safe.


Step#2: Carry Wipes

Make sure that you’re also carrying wipes with you. It has to be an anti-bacterial product, and you must pack it inside the check-in luggage.

Coronavirus Safety and Readiness Tips for you while you Travel
Coronavirus Safety and Readiness Tips for you while you Travel


Step#3: Wear a Medicated Mask

You must wear a mask while traveling. It’ll help you to keep the inside air free from the virus while you’re flying. Although it’s not mandatory for all, I feel it’s better to keep ourselves and the society safe.


Step#4: Practice social distancing everywhere

In case of emergency, if you’ve to travel, make sure that you’re practicing social distancing. You’ll also find detailed safety instructions mentioned on the CDC website for all US citizens. So, it’s of uttermost importance to follow all preventive measures and travel accordingly.

Finally, let’s be optimistic and focus on our strengths. It’s an excellent time to nurture your talents and find ways to earn money online by starting a travel blog.


Yes, it’s an incredible opportunity! Do you want to know how to start a travel blog and make money online? Cool! 

Wait for the new eBook! Who’s the author? Lol! It’s me – Lonely Stone.