Venice Traveling the World and exploring the Adventures
Venice Traveling the World and exploring the Adventures

Tips for all new travelers who want to travel 


Hello readers! I thank all of you to stay with me and reading my blogs regularly. I am travelling the world exploring new places, meeting new people and facing new experiences. I realised there were many places around the world where people should tour and travel. Until now, I have travelled a lot but a treasure-trove of adventure and experiences awaits in front of me. My e-book How to Travel the World for Free is based on practical ideas, tips and suggestions. I wrote it to guide and motivate all of you to travel. If you haven’t read the book yet, do read it! I am sure you will love the practical ideas I shared over there.


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I know lots of new travellers who are passionate to travel. You might have taken the first step to travel, but something is pulling you back. There could be a situation as well when your first-time travel experience was not good. It might be because you rushed through and tried to cover up the places quickly. Well! Don’t get disappointed in case you have any such experiences. In this article, I am sharing some proven tips for all new travellers who want to travel. These tips inspired me to make a successful travel plan. I am sure it will inspire you too. If you download my e-book, How to Travel the World for Free you can get more insights and tips.


Ok, let me move forward and discuss the Tips for the new passionate travelers who want travel 

Let’s begin…


Breathtaking Sights Around the World You can See!
Breathtaking Sights Around the World You can See!

Give up Fear.

Fear is something that pulls everyone back. Have you ever thought about what fear is in reality? It is nothing but a state of mind. However, this state of mind is powerful and pulls you back. You need to fight back and overcome your fear. Remember, there are many people around the world like you who took the first step to travel and explore the world. So, don’t be scared at all. During your travel journey, you will meet hundreds or might be thousands of travelers. All of them will be on a journey to explore the world like you. Thus, you will also get help and guidance from them. Exploring unknown places and continents is a real thrill, so give up Fear and see how beautiful the world is with so many beautiful places to tour and visit.


Don’t travel using guidebooks.

This is my personal experience not to make a travel itinerary based on the guidebook. I realized this when I was exploring Bali, Thailand and some popular places in India. I do have a guidebook with me, but I got only a brief from that. I discovered incredible off-beaten beautiful places and enjoyed great culinary retreats wherever I visited. This was possible because I relied on people and gathered pieces of information from the locals around. So, remember this tip and connect up with locals when you are on the mission to explore the world.


Traveling the World has so many options that are worth seeing!
Traveling the World has so many options that are worth seeing!

Explore slowly.

There is no fun rushing around and exploring all the places in one go. Always remember you need to carry insightful information about the places you visit. Thus, explore slowly and learn in details about the customs and culture of one place before you move on to the others.


Final Verdict

I mentioned the top three tips for the new passionate travellers who want to travel. These are practical tips so, follow them to explore this beautiful world. You will definitely feel more confident to travel and explore the world on your own.