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Singapore Is World’s Most Expensive Place To Live – Money International

Things to Do in Singapore


Singapore is a vibrant and lively city and choosing the best things to do is not always an easy task in this island state. This Lion City is a land of wonder for travelers and everyone has a different image that they sketch in their mind about Singapore.

Starting from night safari to exploring botanic gardens, here is a petite guide about “Things to Do in Singapore”

Here you go!!!


singapore, Night Safari park
singapore, Night Safari park! You will not want to miss this!

Night Safari:

One of the most adventurous things you can do in Singapore is to go to a night safari to see the life of nocturnal animals. This safari park was opened in 1994. Since then, it has been the center of main attractions of Singapore.

In this 35 hectares of area, there are about 2,500 animals of over 130 species. The amazing fact is about one third of these animal species are endangered.

Every year about 1.2 million tourists visit this place to explore the life system of nocturnal animals. You will see Malayan Tiger, Flying Fox, Nile Hippo, Leopard, Tapir, Hayena, Bear, White lion and many more species in this park.


Singapore Hackett Sentosa Bungie Jumping
Singapore Hackett Sentosa Bungie Jumping! The First Tower Built in 2016.

Getting involved in some adrenaline rush activities at AJ Hackett Sentosa:

If you are willing to take your journey into the next level, then you must visit Hackett Sentosa. There you can try the exhilarating bungee jumping. At Sentosa, Singapore has there very first and only bungee tower.

But if you have height phobia, then you can choose to race your friends on the Giant swing. This is really a fun gig which you can explore instead of bungee jumping.

There is a sky bridge in this park where you can see 17 floors beneath you through the glass panel. There is also the vertical skywalk available, where you will walk down the side of the tower vertically.


Singapore, SEA Aquarium
Singapore, SEA Aquarium!

Visiting S.E.A. Aquarium:

About One hundred thousand animals of over 1,000 species are available in the S.E.A. Aquarium. Each of this creature is as captivating as the next. This will be an experience that you will never forget.

You will never see sharks, Eel, Poison frog, Octopus, Dolphin, seahorses and plethora of species altogether this closely.


singapore-botanic-gardens-orchid! One of the most breath taking places to visit!

Spend a whole day in exploring Singapore Botanic Gardens:

Trees are considered to be the best friends of human being. So, exploring a Botanic Garden would be something that will refresh your mind. Singapore Botanic Gardens was entitled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. Since then, it has been one of the center of attractions for the tourist.

This Botanic Gardens are carved into four areas. These areas are also referred as cores. The name of the first core is the Tanglin core. This is the oldest core of Singapore botanical Garden. Then comes the Tyersall Gallop core which is actually a rainforest. After that, Bkit Bukit core is located.

It’s filled with tree houses and farm. The central core of this garden is the tourist belt. This is the core where more than 1000 species of orchid trees are located.


Singapore, Tumble in a Bubble
Singapore, Tumble in a Bubble! This is a must to try, it is so much fun!

Tumble in A Bubble:

I love rolling in this large transparent ball, and here in Singapore it’s called the Land ZOVB. There are three different ways to experience rolling in this ZOVB ball. I prefer rolling around with some water inside the ball.

It’s really fun to do. There is another type of transparent ball which they call water ZOVB. With the help of this ball you can literally walk on water. This park is located in the Boon Lay Way.



Riding A Supercar:

You might have a dream of owning a supercar, nevertheless till now you could not fulfill it. So what?

Ultimate Drive is there to make your dreams come true. Of course they are not giving away super cars for free. But, you will have the opportunity to select a supercar from a variety of options.

Even if you don’t feel comfortable or confident enough to drive this car, you can hire a professional driver from there to drive the car. Ultimate drive is located at Bayfront Avenue.

Singapore, Megazip
Singapore, Megazip! Is worth the adventure on your vacation


Mega Adventure gives you the opportunity to do some heart racing activities. One of those activities are Megazip. This will allow you to zip you way from one end to another end with a good speed. This would be more competitive if you challenge your friend to beat your time.

The person who can reach in the other end quickly, he will be the winner. You can also try Mega climb, Mega Bourne, Mega Jump out there. Mega Adventure is situated in Siloso Beach walk.


Singapore Universal Theme Park.
Singapore Universal Theme Park. This is the Singaporean branch of Hollywood movie theme park

Roaming at Universal Studio:

This is the Singaporean branch of Hollywood movie theme park. It’s a perfect place for hanging out with families. There are so many rides and fun gig which you can enjoy with your family.

It has got the tallest dueling rollercoaster. So, whenever you visit Universal studio in Singapore, don’t forget to take a ride by it.


Singapore Flyer, You can See Most of The City!
Singapore Flyer, You can See Most of The City! You won’t want to miss this!

See The Whole City from The Flyer:

This is considered to be one the largest observation wheels in the world. The height of this giant flyer is approximately 165 m! This has become a part and parcel of Singapore’s skyline. It looks visually beautiful and stunning when they lit up the lights of it in the evening. The illumination makes a mirror in the water. This makes it more special and significant.

The authority offers a 30 minutes of exhilarating view of the Marina Bay, the river, the ships and the historical building of Singapore. You will see Singapore from completely a new dimension while riding this flyer.


Singapore, National Museum
Singapore, National Museum! So Beautiful inside and out! Inside is amazing!

Visit National Museum of Singapore:

To know more about the history and culture of a country, you must visit the national museum of this place. There are some other museums available in Singapore. Nevertheless, if you don’t want to go to those museum, at least have a look on the displays of this museum. It worth your money and time.

While walking through the galleries of the museum you will see a live evolution of the culture of Singapore. From history gallery, I knew that Singapore was ruled by Malay Sultans. There are many more surprising things that you will know after visiting this museum.