Switzerland The Land of Romance
Switzerland The Land of Romance! Image of Beautiful Switzerland

Things to Do in Switzerland


Switzerland, it is here that nature resides in its purest form with the perfectly aligned mountains, colorful towns, and vibrant cities. It is even the land where you feel amorous by just glancing at its waterfall and Swiss villages.

However, there is a lot more than your thoughts in this land of romance. But if you are in a dilemma about thing to do in this beautiful land, then I am here for help as always.

This is a list of the top most things that you can do in Switzerland.


Join A Local FSwitzerland is a multicultural country. People who live in the west of Switzerland speak in French where the people from south communicate in Italian. German is used in the northern part. But, most of the Swiss people can speak very good English.

As you can see there are many languages are practiced in a different part, the cultural and traditional programs added a new dimension to this country. There are some local festivals where you can take part in. One of those is Marches Folkloriques.

Every Saturday from July to August, the Marches Folkloriques features Swiss Folk music. This festival takes place in a small town in Switzerland called Vevey. While you are visiting Vevey, don’t forget to visit the famous museum Chaplin’s World.


Paddle Board: 

What would be better than riding a stand-up paddle boat? People visit Lake Geneva for many reasons, your reason could be riding a stand-up paddle boat. Surely, it would be once in a lifetime experience for you because of the scarcity of this type of boat across the world.

Other than this place, you will see this type of boat in only one place and its Hawaii. It is notable that the best time to go for this ride is from May to September.


Interlaken, Switzerland a Worlds Favorite Place for Hiking Beautiful sites!
Interlaken, Switzerland a Worlds Favorite Place for Hiking Beautiful sites!

Visit Interlaken for hiking

You are going to Switzerland but if you return without enjoying the view of Switzerland from Pilatus, the trip would be meaningless. To go to this place, you need to take a ride to Lucerne. Then via a cable car, you have to go from Kriens to the Frakmuntegg station.

And here comes the twist. You have to hike for two hours to reach the peak of Pilatus. The height of Pilatus is around 2132 meters. So, if you love to see splendid scenery from a higher place, then this would be a piece of cake for you.


Go for sledding

I love sledding for a couple of reason. The first one is, I feel like an infant while sledding in the mountains. And the second one is, it is one of those adrenaline rush activities which should be experienced while traveling through a country like Switzerland.


Swimming in Verzasca Valley

Let me introduce you to a place where most of the people speak in Italian. Nevertheless, this is the most beautiful place in Switzerland for me. If you are in Switzerland only for three to four days, then go to Ticino.

This Italian speaking part is a great combination of amazing Swiss structure and the Italian culture. This is the place where the festival never stops. If you love to swim, then go the Valle Verzasca to purify your body with great cold water. The color and beauty of the river are eye soothing.


Enjoy The Biggest Carnival of Switzerland

Switzerland Biggest Carnival in Switzerland, Is a must see!
Switzerland Biggest Carnival in Switzerland, Is a must see!

If you are visiting Switzerland in February or March, then you will be lucky enough to take part in the biggest Carnival of Switzerland. It takes place in Basel. Every year about more than 20,000 participants take part in this carnival. Costumes, Cortege and Confetti are the major attraction of this Carnival.


Endure The Beauty of Chillon Castle

switzerland-chillon-castle in Switzerland and has more than 350,000 Tourists a Year
switzerland-chillon-castle in Switzerland and has more than 350,000 Tourists a Year

Visiting historical places is an intriguing part of any travel. Knowing about the past has always made me inclined towards the places I visit. I even think that this is the case with most of the travelers.

Chillon Castle of Switzerland is one amid those historic places that have spoken a lot about this beautiful land. This magnificent castle is located in the banks of Lake Geneva. This castle has twenty-five houses and three courtyards, whereas two circular walls protect the castle.

You will be amazed by the fact that around 350,000 tourist visit the castle every year. Not only you can spend a tranquil time in this castle but you can even book this place for special occasions such as birthday parties and special events.


Swiss Chocolate Is Love

Who does not love chocolates? No matter if it’s your first or fiftieth trip to Switzerland, the craze of swizz chocolates never fades away. Switzerland being the origin place of milk chocolates will never disappoint you in any means.

You can have any type of chocolate any anytime and treat your sweet tooth. Not only you can make yourself satisfied, rather you can even take the finest chocolates for your loved ones at home as well.

To find the best chocolates you can either head towards Nestle’s Callier Factory or even buy from the popular chocolate stores such as Sprungli and Teuscher in Zurich. So, indulging into chocolates is a must when you are in Switzerland.