Paris, France Image of the City
Paris, France Image of the City a place to stay and visit the worlds most loved city.
Paris, France Image of the City
Paris, France Image of the City a place to stay and visit the worlds most loved city.

Things to Know Before Visiting Paris



Call it “city of lights” or “city of love” , this city has a lot to offer if you are visiting for the very first time. However, I like to call it the city of wonders. Yes, Paris, it is. This intimidating city has history, culture, beauty and what not. This city of lights will make you tired by show casting its every aspect but there are even somethings that you need to know beforehand.

Researching  before visiting a place is what I recommend to all my readers. It is very much important to know about what you are going to experience. Traveling is always fun but it becomes enjoyable when you have a set plan and do’s and don’ts. Therefore, this article is about the things you need to know before visiting Paris.


Try to Speak French

No, by this I don’t mean that you will have to join French language classes before visiting Paris, but try learning some important phrases. Or just memorize “parlez vous anglais?”, this means “do you speak English?”. This can be a safe phrase for you in a land where you know no one.

Don’t be scared about communication because most of the French are familiar with the English language. But they appreciate and even feel happy when someone shows an effort to speak their language. You might have a bad accent and at times you might even mess things up, but given a try won’t hurt anyone. So, before you pack your bags for Paris, at least memorize the key phrase that I have suggested.

Hello and Goodbye Is a Must

We have been always taught by our teachers to politely greet people. Whereas, people in Paris have taken this matter a way too seriously. Although I loved the fact but this is something that you should never forget when you are in Paris.

A “bonjour” and “merci” will help you in the long run while you are in there. They always bare a prejudice that American’s are impolite while it comes to greeting, so when you visit Paris remember that you can forget your name but forgetting to greet can bring you a hard day ahead.


They Are Not Rude

Yes, the French are not rude. You might have been confused by the points mentioned above but they are not rude at all. The French might not come to help you by themselves but if you ask them for help they will do their level best.

The Parisians only behave in an unruly way when they see you neglecting the culture and law of their land. Other than these reasons they are very friendly and kind.


Paris – An Easy City

Paris might seem a mess to you if you are a first time visitor. And on top of that twenty districts and streets names that sound the same might make you more confused. But don’t feel terrified as Paris is a place where moving from one place to another is pretty easy.

There are a bus station or metro signs after a short distance that has a big map of the city. So if you are lost and your GPS is not working then you can definitely take help of the map as long as you know your destination. On the other hand, you can even ask for assistance from people around you and they will never fail to help you.


Pay for Bathroom

The bathroom has never been a big issue for me before landing to Paris. Yes, the problem is that you need to pay before using the public bathroom.  But paying does not mean that it will be neat and tidy, it can be the opposite as well.

So give your hydration routine a thought while you are planning to visit Paris. However, bathrooms in restaurants and cafes are free. Therefore, the better idea is to consume water at a restaurant and complete your essential works there.

Beware of Pickpockets

Paris is indeed a beautiful city and it is here that you will lose track of time. But don’t be so lost that you lose your belonging. In a city packed with countless people, pickpockets are something that is so common.

While I visited Paris for the first time there were people from the beginning to the end of my journey who had warned me to be careful every single time. Starting from pedestrian to the guy who sold me tickets. So, on your journey to Paris keep in mind to keep a check on every belongs that you carry with yourself.


Smoke Is Everywhere

Everyone and everyone smokes in Paris. If you encounter smoke around you in this city of light don’t confuse it with fog because it is nothing but cigarettes. It is very hard to find out the fresh air there.

Starting from restaurants to tourist spots everyone has cigarette stuffed in their mouth. So if you are planning to visit Paris then get prepared to inhale some polluted air.


Wi-Fi Is All Around

If you are worried about buying some expensive internet packages in Paris, then keep your worries aside. There is free Wi-Fi all over the city.

There is not even a single road in Paris where you won’t find Wi-Fi. But traveling is about exploring unknown routes so it is sometimes better to keep the phone aside and move with the flow.


Art Filled Streets

Paris is the place where you will find the most intriguing art museums in the world. But if you think that art only exists in the museums then you are wrong.

You will find art even in the streets of Paris and you can even relish a cultural trip without even being in the galleries and museums. Keep a keen eye when you are walking through the streets as you might encounter some fascinating street arts.

Paris is a beautiful city to fall in love with and visiting it is a dream come true. But it is important to know about a place before exploring it because it is always better to be safe than sorry.


                                                                                               Written by: Sharmista