OK Corral and The Iconic Gunfight
OK Corral and The Iconic Gunfight of Tombstone, Arizona USA

OK Corral and The Iconic Gunfight

History has always changed the course of people’s thinking and when it comes to visiting new places it’s the history that first knocks the door of my mind. OK Corral is one among those places where the history plays a major role.
OK Corral is also known by the name Old Kindersley, was a horse Corral and livery in the back 1879 to 1888. I first found this historically rich place when I visited Tombstone which is located in Arizona. Little did I know that this place which I have visited accidentally has an interesting story behind it.
Gunfights and gunshots are very common in the movies and when it comes to cowboys we all watch it with a sight of uber-enthusiasm. Never the less, it is an everyday thing for the people of OK Corral. Whereas, only an iconic incident has turned the whole story of this petite place.
The gunfight at the OK Corral is a well-known incident of the old west. This incident had turned the whole picturesque of the place at once. But before moving further, let’s dive into the day of 1881 that still has an impact on OK Corral.
The 26 of October 1881 was a regular day until the shootout had taken place. This shootout had then changed the everyday lives of the people. This place of the silver mining town of Tombstone, Arizona then turned out to be a travel spot after the infamous gunfight.
The 30 seconds shootout between two groups had made all the difference. This famous gunfight was between two groups. One being the cowboys Billy Claiborne, Billy Clanton, Ike, Frank McLaury. on the other side, it was the policemen namely Marshal Virgil Earp, Wyatt Earp, Morgan Earp and Doc Holliday.
In this 30 seconds of the gunfight, the Billy Claiborne and the McLaury brothers were killed. This was so surprising for the sight of the people and that incident created its mark in the history. Interestingly there was no such incident recorded of this kind later. But the essence of this shootout still lingers in the streets of OK Corral.
It was not until 1931 that the people of America were familiar about this incident. This had not only created a buzz among the people about the place but it has even made everyone aware of the period of American Old West.
This fascinating incident not only allured people to visit the Tombstone rather the culture even pulled people towards it. There are numerous TV shows, books and movies made that resonate this gunfight and these make OK Corral an evergreen place in the minds of the people.
To keep the essence of the gunfight that has taken place decades back, people of Tombstone still reenact the situation every day in front of the OK Corral building. It has been a routine work for them now. On the other side, it is because of this reenactment that this petite place is still blooming as a tourist spot.
If you plan on visiting OK Corral, tour the place as an open book so that you can return with the pages filled with adventure. This small town of Arizona will mark a deep sense of history in you, and this will surely be with you no matter where you go. My tour to Arizona has made me love history more intensely and surely it will do the same for you.