Queen Mary In Long Beach, California famous Queen Mary set sail for the first time in 1936
Queen Mary In Long Beach, California famous Queen Mary set sail for the first time in 1936



The most famous Queen Mary set sail for the first time in 1936, as a luxury and the largest ship of its time. It was indeed an engineering marvel that not only performed multiple voyages across the Atlantic but was also used as a transport ship during World War II. The ship held over 800,000 soldiers, prisoners and captives of the war.

After the war ended, the Queen Mary was again re-purposed and put back into service as a cruise ship, at least until the mid-1960’s; when the use of jets facilitated and reduced travel times along the Atlantic Ocean. In 1967, the Queen Mary sailed for the last time from Southampton and reached the final destination, Long Beach, California; where it has remained ever since. During its times, the ship had several amenities on board such as lavish dining rooms, cocktail rooms and a swimming pool. It has now been converted into a modern hotel offering memorable stays, tours, exhibitions and more to the guests who dare to visit the ship.

To this day, the Queen Mary remains a famous tourist destination and museum; even being recognized as one of the most historic and haunted places in the United States. Although much of its machinery was removed, leaving the ship stranded forever; other parts of its long history such as transportation, cruiser and military ship remain in its corridors and decks.


The Hauntings of Queen Mary Ship

The hallways of the Queen Mary
The hallways of the Queen Mary

The scary stories of the Queen Mary Ship are not hidden from anyone, especially in the United States. Due to its history of being used for war, many spooky encounters surround the ship, and some of the guests have even experienced the presence of ghosts. One of the guests named “Ryan” explains his stay here as the most terrifying experience of his life. He experienced several things such as knocking on the door, breaking of glass, movements, poking on the face and much more.

Here are some of the ghosts that are believed to live in the Queen Marry ship:


John Pedder of Door 13

The first most notable spirit is the so-called John Pedder, a firefighter in the engine room who was crushed by door 13 of the ship. The story goes back to the time when during emergencies, security doors were closed to prevent the boat from sinking. In such a situation, employees used to gamble to see who could cross the door more times before it closed. At one of these occasions, Pedder was crushed as the door closed on him. Since that day, many people have witnessed a man walking down the hallway and fading near gate 13 where he died.


The Ghost in Room B340

The Haunted Room of B340 on the Queen Mary Ship!
The Haunted Room of B340 on the Queen Mary Ship!

The first ghost is said to be found in room B340 of the ship, which the hotel management has even stopped renting to guests due to the large number of paranormal events that occur there. The employees and tourist guides who work on the ship believe that the soul of a murdered traveler roam around the room, who opens the faucets in the bathroom, throws the covers on the bed and has forced a large part to be removed.


The Little Jackie

The ghost seen in the pool appears to be of a little girl Jackie who was drowned in it while shouting for her parents. Though the pool has now converted into a Royal Theater, the ghost of the little girl is still seen by many guests at night. Some people believe that Jackie’s friend Sarah was also drowned in the same pool in 1949 as they witnessed the spirits of two girls standing by the pool.


The White Woman

The Queen Mary Ship’s salon has also been in news for paranormal activities happening there for years. According to some guests, they have witnessed a woman in a white dress sliding across the door and dancing to a silent orchestra. It is reported that many of the spirits are deeply attached to the parts of ship such as instruments, furniture, doors, or whatever has remained.


Tours of Queen Mary

With 13 suites and 314 staterooms, the Queen Mary ship continues to attract visitors despite its haunting encounters. The famous B 340 room that remained closed for a long time due to its paranormal happenings is now opened for the guests due to popular demand. Guests can now book this room for around $500 per night. They’ll be offered a unique ghostly package including tarot cards, Ouija board, a crystal ball and equipment for ghost hunting. If you think you’re daring enough, you should spend at least a night here.


Haunted tours are usually offered during the day as it is believed that as the sun goes down, the spirits come out to play hide and seek with the guests. Only selective tours are offered at night including:


Illusions of the Passed

It is truly an amazing experience like no other. Presented by Aiden Sinclair; the most famous Paranormal Illusionist of America, you’ll witness interactive presentation with the illusions of ghosts making you feel like you’re actually meeting them in real.


Paranormal Ship Walk

You must have already heard about the haunting stories of the ship. Why not book a tour and explore all the locations that are said to be the hot spots of ghosts? Discover these spots and decide yourself whether the ship is truly haunted or these are just human-made stories. Beware of your surroundings though as you might be touched by an invisible person (just kidding).


Dining with the Spirits

You might be thinking to sit with the ghosts and enjoy your food with them? Well, that’s not true. This exclusive tour allows you to have a dining experience at the award-winning Sir Winston’s Restaurant while enlightening yourself with the spooky history of Queen Marry Ship.


Paranormal Investigations

If you are interested to know whether spirits are living inside the ship or not, you must book this tour. The famous ParaXplorer Project’s founder Matthew Schulz takes the guests around the ship to the locations that are not opened to the public. He tries to connect with all those spirits who are still residing in the boat.

There is much more offered by the Queen Mary Ship such as exciting exhibitions, 4D theatre and more. Make sure to make advance booking as the ship is almost booked by the guests.