Traveling alone to different countries tips and Guides!
Traveling alone to different countries with tips and Guides!

Solo Traveling Trips


Travelling is to explore the unknown corners of the world. Life would have been a standstill journey if travel was not a part of it. Traveling alongside groups and family is a common affair but the main twist to life arrives when you travel alone. People who have never traveled alone end up describing their first solo traveling experience as the most sumptuous one. Moreover, I had the same experience too.

Traveling alone provides a different dimension to your thoughts. It is not just exploring the world alone but it is also about inner tranquility as well. Being a solo traveler myself, I have traveled alone many times and each experience was different from the other.

This blog is all about those experiences and tips for all the solo travelers who are approaching their first solo travel trip. Here we go!!


Take The Risk:

Traveling with friends can be fun but traveling alone is surely an experience that will take you to the next level. Traveling solo will help you to figure out things on your own, meet new people and make unfamiliar situations into familiar ones.

You can head on to adventures which would have been tough if you were in a group. Solo traveling is a great way of learning about life, the world and even about how to overcome risks.


Get Off the Beaten Track

Remember that “surprises are found in the most unexpected places” and this is even the same case with traveling. I discovered my best traveling experiences in the less traveled locations. You can surely travel to popular locations but don’t skip the other spots because it is less traveled.

Try seeking out interesting places that don’t get much tourism. Be adventurous and just because an area is remote doesn’t mean you won’t have a life-changing experience there. Your travel adventure must reflect light on the tourism experience enjoyed by thousands.


Keep Contact with Loved Ones

Call your friends and family regularly to know about their hereabout. You might be having an awesome trip but they might be worried about your safety as well. It is a very good idea to take pictures and video and send it to them so that they have the precise idea of your surrounding and even feel good about your itinerary.

While traveling alone, I send my family videos of my accommodation and neighborhood so that they feel relaxed and even have an idea about the location I am in.


Befriend Locals

“When in Rome, do as the Romans”. Keep this phrase in mind while you are traveling alone. It is easy to have a smooth solo trip if you have locals by your side. Talk to them and befriend them as you will surely be benefited if you do so. One of the best traveling tips is to make eye contact and smile more.

Locals are the ones who have a clear idea about the destinations you have just visited. Asking them for direction is one of the best ways to approach them. On the other hand, by communicating with the locals you can know more about the place you have visited. The locals will surely suggest the best thing to do and even the best tour to explore.


Say YES Often

Be impulsive and say yes when someone randomly invites you to meet their families, try a new activity, or explore a place you didn’t know existed. You never know what you’re missing unless you say yes!

It’s these unexpected and unplanned situations that add spice to your travels and always turn into the best stories later. Accept the kindness of strangers when you travel — you’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so.


Book Accommodation Beforehand

It will surely be a pain in the neck situation if you haven’t booked your hotel room beforehand. Accommodations are more important than you think. Do not take the risk of booking a hotel room after arriving at the destination as you might end up spending your night on the roads.

Booking accommodation in advance will grant you a piece of mind. On the other hand, you will not even have to run from one place to another in search of good hotels.


Learn the Language

You do not have to know all the languages in the world to travel to different locations. But learning some basic words in the local language is nothing but a smart idea. Communication is very important while you are traveling alone.

However, a few short phrases will be useful for dealing with everyday activities. Locals even favor and appreciate the travelers who can speak their tongue if not completely but partially.


Be Careful With Your Possessions 

We carry a lot of expensive gadgets such as cameras, Smartphone, laptop, and tablets nowadays. However, these gadgets are very attractive to thieves. Avoid flashing them a lot and only carry them when it is necessary.

On the other hand, possessions like passport, visa and important documents must be kept within the reach so that you do not lose them. Bear in mind that you will always have to travel safe and smart while you are traveling alone.


Travel during The Day

“It is better to be safe than sorry”. Try to explore the places during the day time if you are a solo traveler. Moreover, if you are planning for long journeys then it is better to start them in the morning with the assurance that the transportation you are using is safe.

However, if it is necessary to travel at night then do proper research about the tour you are heading toward.

Solo traveling trips are exciting as you can do everything that you want. You can hop on to any activity and spend every minute of your itinerary enjoying to the fullest. But you should even be cautious as well.

Traveling alone is interesting and adventurous, but always remember that an explorer should be smart and wise at the same time. So if you are heading towards your first solo traveling trip then keep the tips in your mind and have a happy journey.

Bon Voyage