BURJ KHALIFA, the wonder tower Image!
BURJ KHALIFA, the wonder tower Image! Is 3 times higher than the effial tower!


Do you know which skyscraper nicknamed as the wonder Tower and where it is located? Do you know that this tower is even three times taller than the Eiffel Tower?

 It is none other than BURJ KHALIFA, the wonder tower. Once I read an article about this world’s tallest man-made tower and shared it with my friends, below was how they reacted:

“Are you crazy to say that a man-made tower is even taller than our favourite Eiffel Tower?”

“Are you telling that this tower is a man-made tower built recently?”

They did not believe me in 2010, 4th of January when I shared with them this article about this tower’s inauguration. This tower was designed by Adrian Smith, of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. This same firm designed the Willis Tower and One World Trade Center Tower, another two of the famous iconic towers. Today the World Knows about this tallest man-made architecture built on the land of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Every month over 156,000 visitors visit to see this man-made wonder. From all over the world, over 1.87 million tourists are visiting Dubai each year to enjoy this iconic wonder tower. Finally, I decided to visit Dubai and see this wonder tower with own eyes. One of my friends was there along with me. From my travel memories, I am writing a comprehensive guide for all of you to plan and visit this iconic tower, at least once in your lifetime.

After landing at the AL MAKTOUM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, Dubai our driver drove us along the SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD towards our hotel. On our way, our driver pointed us just to twist our neck to see the wonder tower. It was a difficult task as a tower with at a height of 828 meters (2,716.5 feet), cannot be seen like that. Anyways, we reached our hotel and the first thing we looked at was how to REACH BURJ KHALIFA, as we can’t control our excitement.


Booking the Tickets:

You can actually get inside BURJ KHALIFA and reach the top floor “At the TOP.” A high-speed lift is all set to take you from the ground floor to the 124th Floor (the first Level) in just about 60 seconds. Believe me, readers, as it’s true what I am saying about this lift. So, to enjoy the excitement and thrill either buy the tickets offline selling at The Dubai Mall, near Metro Gate counter or book it online from the official website – . I recommend the second option as a lot of offers and customized package available to suit your needs and timing. Your hotel business centre can also help you, in case you run short of time or out in Dubai with a transit visa to see this wonderful architecture. We booked the evening tickets as there is a water fountain light, music show that we want to see.


Quick Facts:

    The height of the Building is 2,716.5 feet.

∗    The tallest freestanding structure in the world

∗    This building holds a record for having the highest number of stories in the world around 200.

∗    It also holds the record for having the highest occupied floor in the world, over 160 floors.

∗    A record for having the elevator with longest travel distance in the world

∗    BURJ KHALIFA also holds the record of having the tallest service elevator in the world.

∗    Estimated weight of the building is equal to that of 100,000 elephants put together.

∗    Unbelievable but true, it has an elevator with a speed of 10m/second to take you to the 124th floor from the ground floor in just 60 Seconds.

Get, Set Go!!

We stepped inside the lift along with other tourists. The lift door closed lights off and traditional light music started playing in the background. The lift started moving up and we all looked at our watch and the blue light LED display inside the lift showing the floor count down. It was a thrilling moment indeed as everyone was counting the seconds to see how a lift can take you up to the 124th floor in just about 60 seconds? It was indeed, and we stepped out on that floor to see the spectacular Dubai City through the glass window of the building. We can also access the 125th floor and enjoy the 360-degree view from there. BURJ KHALIFA also has a rooftop restaurant and lounge, SKY lounge at the 148th Floor. We booked a package offer for around 100 USD and we spend unlimited hours spotting this beauty. After all, we were standing at the highest observation deck in the world.

There are more wonders about this unique man-made architecture tower. Make a travel Plan to Dubai and explore everything with your own eyes. Some wonders can only be experienced being there physically, not just by reading; BURJ KHALIFA is definitely one among them. Be there to feel it and enjoy the breathtaking views from “At the Top” of the wonder tower.