If you’re planning on a trip to Puerto Vallarta soon, you’re surely wondering how best to get around in the city. There’s a lot of different options, but one interesting option that most forget is renting a scooter motorbike. Here are some things to consider to discover if this option is right for you.


There are always taxis and local buses around, but taxis tend to be expensive, especially for longer-term travel, and buses are cheaper, but rarely will they take you directly to or even necessarily near your destination. Renting a scooter motorbike can be a very convenient alternative, giving you the freedom of controlling your own vehicle as a tourist.

Scooters can rent for as little as $50 USD per day or less if rented for multiple days at a time. When compared to the cost of a taxi for a couple of round trips or a bus for a day’s worth of traveling (considering the added inconvenience of walking to and from bus stops), renting a scooter can be a very affordable and fun way to travel around Puerto Vallarta!


It’s recommended to perform an inspection and evaluate safety considerations if renting a scooter. Even though riding a motorbike can be a lot of fun, it is immensely important that it is inspected and maintained regularly to keep the fun safe.

Some items to remember include:

• Keeping your scooter clean: don’t forget to take it for a ride to dry it off afterward!

• Always check your tire pressure: this is important for safety, as well as fuel efficiency and tire tread wear — check the manual for the optimal tire pressure!

• Maintain the proper levels of all fluids: this includes engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, battery fluid, and brake fluid

Practicality and Legality Considerations

If you’re considering renting or even purchasing a motorbike for your trip to Puerto Vallarta, be sure to consider the practicality and legality aspects as well.

Be sure that the use of a scooter fits your travel needs; it’s not ideal for large families or people who will be carrying a lot of luggage everywhere!

If you do decide it is right for you, note that the law requires you to always wear a helmet and you may need a special license.

Renting a scooter may be just the thing to spice up your next travel adventure, but it’s not a travel option to be taken lightly!

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