Rio De Janeiro Image of One of The Worlds Best Places to Travel To!
Rio De Janeiro Image of One of The Worlds Best Places to Travel To!

Rio de Janeiro Top Sights To Tour and Eat


Rio de Janeiro is a very strategically beautiful destinations and one of the biggest cities in the world. The city is situated between beautiful mountains and the sea which makes it a perfect destination for touring. The city has a unique blend of an urban setting and green cultural setting. It is the developed cities that Brazil can brag of being the former capital before it was changed. Behind this city rise towering mountains and the extended beaches which puts the city ahead when it comes to tourist attraction. You cannot also forget the amazing football culture that exists in this place and the whole of Brazil; this is also a main thing that draws in a lot of tourists. If you are landing in Rio de Janeiro for the first time, you might get confused with the destination to go, I will be giving you a guide on the best place to visit in the city.


1. Sugarloaf

Brazil Rrio De Janeiro sugar loaf is rated 12 for Tourist Attractions in Brazil!
Brazil Rrio De Janeiro sugar loaf is rated 12 for Tourist Attractions in Brazil!

This is the iconic destination in Rio de Janeiro, it is the place everyone thinks of the first when they arrive in Brazil. It is a rock which rises above a harbor above 390 meters high. Sugarland looks like an island on its own though it is connected to the main land by a small strip of land. There are quite a number of fun ways of moving from the main land to sugarloaf. You can take cable car and enjoy the ride all the way to the summit or if you want to make it more heart-pumping you can opt for a rope from the main land all the way to sugarloaf. When you reach on the top of this mountain you will enjoy the view of other low lying mountains, the sea and the nice view of the city from a different point of view.


2. Copacabana

Copacabana Beach 4 km beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Copacabana Beach 4 km beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil

This is one of the cities with the longest coastline, the city moves along the length of the ocean for 4 kilometers. Copacabana has both the urban and most modern setting with modern buildings and ancient traditional buildings that keeps the culture and the history of the country that you will enjoy going through. The city is the home of the famous hotel, Copacabana palace which stated in the 1920s which was the best in those years, being known for glamour and elegance. In this city you will be able to enjoy strolling on the endless beach and get involves in the many activities involved. There are many activities that you can get involved in when you are in this city, you can get a boat ride, go swimming or even diving.


3. Maracana

The only thing you cannot miss in almost everything is football or soccer, this culture that identifies Brazil more to the outside world. The country has produced great players like Pepe himself, the greatest player the world has ever seen. When you reach in Rio de Janeiro you will just love football regardless of whether you know anything about it or not just because of the passion that is seen among people. Rio de Janeiro is the home of the biggest soccer pitch in Brazil which has hosted Olympics before and it is anticipated that it will hold world cup in the coming years; you will have a great time admiring the beauty of this soccer pitch and even enjoy the matches that will be playing. This is just a place you can’t miss to tour when you reach Rio de Janeiro.


4. Tijuca National Park

Tijuca National Park Rio De Janeiro - Beautiful Place
Tijuca National Park Rio De Janeiro – Beautiful Place

This national park is famously known for having the giant statue of Christ, the park also ha s a very big forest which extender around 3300 hectares, this one of the largest planted forest in the world. It was planted in 1850s, which explains why most of the trees are indigenous. This is the best sight you will be thrilled visiting, the place in the first place is on a high ground and so you will have a very nice view of the city from above as it extends to the ocean. The forest on the other hand has vey many varieties of wild animals that you can see. There are a lot of waterfalls and springs that originate from the forest which gives a very good natural feeling of the forest. Generally this place will let you explore more than just one thing, it involves, trekking through the forest to the top, viewing the wild animals in the forest an when you reach where the statue of Christ is; you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of their city.


5. Municipal theater

This is a the biggest municipal theater that was built back in the 19th century, it is very famous for holding concert making it a very good place you can have fun in Rio de Janeiro.


Places to Eat in Rio de Janeiro

When it comes to food culture, Brazil is one of the countries that have very many unique tastes that most people fall for, that is one of the reasons that draws people to the country. Here are some of the best places you can take your meals in Rio de Janeiro.


1) Vizinho Gastrobar

You can spot this restaurant easily from far, the best setting and the structure just makes your appetite even better, there is nice lighting which gives the restaurant the ambience. This is one of the biggest restaurants in Rio de Janeiro which is well known for the best local foods with natural ingredients like Catuaba and native honey to create a very delicious and high quality food. Some of the foods on the menu include guacamole, oyster, a pastrami sandwich and other many which are inspired by theses.


2) Fitters At Bar da Gema

This restaurant is well known for fried foods and drinks. The foods included in this restaurant include; polenta, shrimp rissoles and coxinha among many others the foods are fried in a very unique way by the best chefs in the whole of Rio de Janeiro to give a very unique taste. The restaurant includes a bar where you can take your cold drink after you have eaten your delicious food.


3) Massa+ Ella

This is a very famous restaurant which provides a lot of variety when it comes to food, however it is well known form the famous uniquely bakes pizza known in local language as Neapolitan Pizzeria. Not just these, the restaurant still serves the best sandwiches and pasta among other different types of food. The restaurant has a bar too where you can take your cold drink to wash down the food when you finish eating.

To sum up on this, Rio de Janeiro remains the best destination tom visit because of its strategic position to tourism and the very many amazing sites available for you to visit. The famous soccer culture never relents in this city; it even has the biggest soccer pitch in the whole of Brazil. Finally, the city has got the best restaurants providing you with the best of quality and delicious food blended with the traditional taste that makes it unique.