Pattaya bangkok, Top 10 Places To Visit
Pattaya Is one of the top 10 Places to Visit! Is worth the Visit!
Pattaya bangkok, Top 10 Places To Visit
Pattaya Is one of the top 10 Places to Visit! Is worth the Visit!


Do you know which island is known as the Las Vegas of Asia? Yes, it’s PATTAYA, an island with unlimited fun and entertainment at an affordable price you would have never imagined. You can easily reach PATTAYA from Bangkok as it’s very well connected. This is an ideal spot for any kind of traveller. Whether you are a budget traveller, a solo backpacker or a honeymoon couple looking for a luxurious and relaxing stay, PATTAYA got everything to offer you.

The island of PATTAYA has the most relaxed and enchanting atmosphere with a lively and stunning nightlife you would nowhere find in Asia. Other than partying, PATTAYA has several attractions to offer you. There are various adventure water sports available by the beachside along with various amusement parks. Diving, snorkelling and underwater sea walk are few among the famous adventure sports. This place is also to get naughty with girls freely roaming on Walking Street (I hope you understood what I mean.).

How to reach PATTAYA from Bangkok

Once you land to SUVARNABHUMI International Airport, Bangkok you will find plenty of options to reach PATTAYA. According to me the best and convenient way is to travel is by Bus. You will find a large number of super-deluxe air-conditioned buses from the airport bus terminal. Tickets are pretty cheap costing only seven USD per person. The road is amazing, and the journey would always be pleasurable. You can reach your favorite hotel in PATTAYA in about 2 to 3 hours.

Top Things to do in PATTAYA

Well, now what? Finally, you reached PATTAYA and checked in to your preferred hotel. Choosing a hotel in PATTAYA is very easy as there are plenty of options. You can choose from budget hotel to luxury hotels depending on exactly what you are looking for. Remember carrying the Hotel Visiting card printed in Local Thai Language. In case you can’t remember how to come back, just show that card to any TUK-TUK driver and they will drive you back safely.

The world knows PATTAYA has electrifying Nightlife and Unlimited enjoyment available at Walking Street (in a while I am going to write about that in details.).Below are a few other tourist attractions that you must plan to see during your PATTAYA visit:

SANCTUARY OF TRUTH TEMPLE – A phenomenal Temple built with wood and handcrafted with mythological figures depicting Buddhism and Hinduism. This gigantic temple will mesmerize you, and the beauty will enhance your travel experience.

PATTAYA FLOATING MARKET – This is an amazingly interesting thing to see only in this part of the continent. Here you will see people selling gift items, souvenirs, fresh fruits, vegetables, handicrafts, etc. floating on the river in a boat. There are over 114 sellers and all run their shops to earn a living by floating on the river. This is definitely something unique to see and experience.

TIFFANY LADYBOY CABARET SHOW & ALCAZAR LADYBOY CABARET SHOW – We all know about Lady Boys, but have you seen gorgeous lady boy’s performances? It’s a truly unique event that you must witness once you are in PATTAYA. Grab the show tickets to watch both of these shows. The artists are all transgender who dresses themselves up in gorgeous costumes and mesmerize you with their performances. It would be worthwhile to mention, PATTAYA LADYBOY’S are so beautiful that even a Thai girl envy their beauty. After the show, you can take pictures with them outside the theatre.

WAT PHRA YAI TEMPLE AND BIG BUDDHA – Visit this temple and spend the time to watch the giant sitting Buddha, around 18 meters in height. This sculpture symbolizes that people living here have a strong faith in the religion.

NONG NOOCH TROPICAL GARDEN – This is a 2.4 Sq.KM garden beautifully shaped and filled with remarkable flowers. This large landscape and its beauty in terms of freshness and greenery are definitely going to bring happy feeling in your mind. Do unlimited photo-shoot to keep your memories refreshed.

The Famous Walking Street – This is basically a 500-meter beach road by the sea. The road is closed for any traffic after 6 PM, therefore the name “Walking Street.” You get any kind of enjoyment on earth available here. There are unlimited nightclubs, bear bars, pole dancing clubs, hotels, restaurants and to get naughty whatever you need is available here. The interesting thing is during the daytime this road looks like an isolated part of the city, but nights it’s a colourful part of PATTAYA, rather entire Thailand.

Wrapping it up

PATTAYA is the ultimate spot for fun and relaxation. If you are at PATTAYA, enjoy a life free from all worries and enjoy without any boundary. Take Thai Message and get relaxed. If you have time, visit the Khao Chi Chan. This is called the Buddha Mountain as it has the largest gold-embossed image of Buddha. This is another wonder to witness in PATTAYA, so don’t miss it.